Why does it seem like menostay and not menopause?

You know you’re on the edge of menopause when:
~you’re fanning yourself with the telephone book while everyone else is wearing Snuggies and teeth-chattering sounds like a symphony
~you wake up in the middle of the night thinking you were dreaming about snorkeling in Hawaii, but no…it’s just another episode of the night sweats
~you carry a personal fan, the kind that sprays a mist, and you tell the first person who complains that the fan’s actually a Transformer and will morph into a hormonal raging Terminator
~you apologize in advance for being cranky the moment you wake up

I wish ten years ago someone would have told me about peri-menopause; I might have saved money on therapy. Who knew that feeling like the Tasmanian Devil one minute, then forgetting why you did the next, all the while drenched in sweat because your body felt like the portals of hell just opened up in it…could be attributed to ovarian issues?

I didn’t. So, years later when my OB/GYN gave me the “the good news is you still have your ovaries; the bad news is you still have your ovaries–but they’re tired now” talk, she gave me a prescription for some magic hormone pill that would make it all better.

Fast forward six weeks, and I’m eating brownies by the dozens and having meltdowns because my clothes are shrinking. I threw the pills away. Hot flashes I could deal with. Expanding thighs? Not so much.

Because I didn’t like how the hormones made me feel, I’ve been coping with the symptoms on my own. Until now…now I can rely on Estroven, an all natural supplement that lets me choose the formula I need:

Estroven® plus Multi-Vitamin

Estroven® plus Multi-Vitamin combines menopausal symptom relief with a multi-vitamin for women. Estroven® plus Multi-Vitamin contains a unique Mood & Memory blend to support mood and memory function, as well as mild to moderate hot flashes.

Estroven® Maximum Strength

Estroven® Maximum Strength was created for women who may be experiencing more bothersome menopause symptoms.

Estroven® Nighttime

Estroven® Nighttime helps promote natural sleep patterns to help you sleep through the night and wake feeling refreshed without morning grogginess.*

Estroven® plus Energy

The Estroven® plus Energy formula naturally supports the energy you need to stay productive and energized all day, while reducing hot flashes and night sweats.*
(Check out their Product Offerings)

The Estroven website offers information about menopause symptoms, and there’s even a self-survey to let you know how you’re handling (or not) menopause. Download their Wellness Guide while you’re there.

What I really appreciate about this company is it recognizes that, armed with the right information, women can make their own decisions about their journey into this stage of their lives. And we don’t have to resort to whispered conversations as if the subject is taboo.

Not only does Estroven offer special reward through a Brand Ambassador Program, you can find information about offers by liking them on Facebook.

 “I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Estroven and received a gift certificate to thank me for taking the time to participate.”


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