What does your school need? Tell BING and win bucks!

I’ve been teaching in public high schools for over twenty-two years. I’d like to tell you that every year, there is more money to fund needs than there are needs to fund.

But then that wouldn’t be the truth. And this year, more than ever, schools are experiencing the same budge issues are most American families. In our district, positions lost due to attrition were not refilled, more teachers are needed to relieve overcrowded classrooms, and supplies? Well, there’s a shallow well and too many buckets.

So, as a classroom teacher, I’m delighted when I find companies willing to extend a hand for the future of education and, ultimately, all of us.

In their latest philanthropic campaign supporting kids’ education, Bing wants to help teachers and students by providing them with supplies and financial support needed to ensure a successful learning experience. Bing will potentially give away over $1 million dollars through their new “Our School Needs” program. This user-generated content competition easily enables students and teachers in elementary, middle and high schools to submit a request for what their school needs most by submitting a photo, essay or optional video.

Students and teachers can learn more about the contest and submit an entry on behalf of their school by visiting www.bing.com/ourschoolneeds.

From now until October 22nd, you can upload photos, essays and videos telling Bing what your school needs for a chance to win up to $100,000!

What does your school need? Every school needs something, from a library to computers to even more teachers. Hear what others are saying in this heartfelt video and get inspired to create your own.

Special Giveaway!

As part of this outreach, five lucky winners will receive a $50 donation to use at DonorsChoice.org to support a local classroom! Click here to enter to win.

Our School Needs: Everyone Deserves a Great Education!
What Does Your School Need?
What: User‐generated content competition that will identify and fulfill the dreams of 4 schools: 1 grand prize winner and 3 first prize schools. Bing will give up to a million dollars in prizes and donations to schools in need!
Why: Every child deserves a great education. Bing enthusiastically supports the teachers, educators and parents who make it happen with products, programs and donations that help provide a great learning environment. This competition is a great opportunity to let teachers and students show everyone through essays, photographs and videos (optional) what they think their schools needs the most.
When: Students and teachers can submit entries from now until Friday, October 22nd (Winners will be announced Tuesday, November 9th)
Where: http://www.Bing.com/education
How: There will be 3 categories: grades k‐6, 7 – 9 and 10 – 12. . The overall grand prize winning school will receive $100,000 and each category will have a first prize of $50,000.
• Step 1: Teachers and students can create an entry for their school, including a story of what their school needs, photos and a video (optional). Students under 18 will need a parent/guardian or
teacher submit the entry on their behalf.
• Step 2: Entries are made available for everyone to see and rate online. The 5 top rated submission in each category (15 total) is guaranteed a slot in the final panel. Top rated submissions and the
top editors picks will then be turned over to a distinguished panel of judges who will determine the 15 finalists.
Step 3: Voting begins on October 27. Stay tuned for more information about this phase of the contest and for your opportunity to participate in the Blog Tour for the Voting phase!

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Bing and received a DonorsChoose.org giving code and gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.”