What’s Hot and What’s Not About Being a Romance Novelist

What’s Hot

Getting up at 5 a.m. to get an early jump on writing that perfect, romantic scene. I can focus better early in the mornings.

Writing 15 pages in one day. I actually did this. I went to the park and sat on a blanket and wrote page after page. It was so peaceful.

Getting lost in my own novel. How sweet is that? I’m so involved in my work that I actually feel like I’m in the book. For example, my novel, Secrets On Lake Drive takes place in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, near the beautiful Lake Michigan, and while I was writing, I could picture the beautiful houses on Lake Drive, the trees…I could even picture Sean, his stunning good looks and powerful charisma.

Always having an excuse why I can’t cook dinner. This is really awesome. I love using the excuse, I have to finish this chapter or honey, the book won’t write itself. Works like a charm! (Don’t tell my husband I said that.)

What’s Not

Getting up at 5 a.m. to write. I could really use the sleep, especially since I have a day job.

Getting take-out for dinner. I would love having a home cooked meal, if I wasn’t the one who had to cook it.

Spending money for editing and marketing. These are essentials for being a successful writer. Nobody wants to read a novel full of misspelled words. But serious writers need to be aware of the going rates for editing, marketing, book tours, hiring a publicist – it can really be hard on your bank account!

Revising manuscripts. I can’t tell you how many drafts I went through before Secrets On Lake Drive was finally sent to my editor. It was really draining to go over the same manuscript time and time again, but I’m proud that it’s finished and available for order!

Thank you, Fictionary, for having me as a guest blogger. I enjoyed it!


Tina Martin was born in Ahoskie, North Carolina and developed a love for writing in high school. She pursued creative writing courses in college and in 2007, self-published her first poetry book, Love Like Yours. She now uses her prolific style of writing to pen fiction novels, the latest being, Secrets On Lake Drive (Xpress Yourself Publishing) available now online at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com.


Monica and Sean clash at a parent-teacher conference when Monica accuses Sean of being too occupied with making money and chasing women to take a real interest in his son’s life. But Sean is no pushover. He knows how to hold his own and deal with Monica, but after the incident at school, he’s also come to realize that he can use Monica’s devotion to his advantage. He propositions her to move into his home to babysit five-year old Roman for the three months of summer break, offering her a substantial amount of money, hoping that she’ll accept. But is babysitting the only reason he’s so anxious to get her into his mansion?

Monica accepts his offer against her better judgment, knowing the rumors of Sean and his womanizing ways.  She tells herself that she’s doing this for Roman – that she can avoid her new, sexy, summer boss – his chiseled chest, pretty green eyes and charm that just won’t quit. But after only a few weeks, Monica finds it a struggle to keep her eyes off of Sean. Can she handle staying focused on her babysitting gig for three months without being swept off of her feet by Milwaukee’s finest? Or is Sean’s game too much for the young, conservative teacher to handle?

Having been heartbroken in the past, Monica is reluctant to play this dangerous game with a confirmed heartbreaker. But it’s what she doesn’t know about Sean that she should be concerned about. Sean knows her well – too well, and it’s those secrets that have the potential to make her love him or hate him.

Secrets On Lake Drive is an emotional story about a woman looking to correct wrongs in her life that could easily be solved by the secrets Sean quietly carries with him. The question is, will he ever care enough to tell her?

You can read more about Tina at her website: www.tinamartinbooks.com.


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