What a great time to be a baby! Check out these products from Johnson’s.

Note from Christa: If you know me, you’re probably wondering why I’m lost in baby land again. If I had known I’d be the mom of five, I would have bought stock in Johnson’s decades ago. But, that’s another story.

I wanted to participate in this blog because I’m now a Grammy, and my friends are becoming Grammies so we’re all in this baby shower thing together. Johnson’s packaging is so pretty know, especially the new Bedtime Bubble Bath, that I can place them in a basket along with baby bath towels and even baby bathtub toys. The problem is the products smell so good, I have to be a good girl and share with the grandgirls.

Be sure to click on the Johnson’s link in the blog post. Their website is incredibly informative. What impressed me too is that the pages can be printed. I mean, how smart is that? Who could balance a laptop and a baby at the same time?!

WhetWelcome to the brave new world of being a parent.her for a first-time or experienced Mom, throwing a baby shower means taking part in the celebration of a pregnancy, doting on an expectant friend or family member, and helping to ensure she has all the tools and tips needed for the arrival of a new baby. Johnson’s understands the challenges of baby shower gift-giving and planning and came up with ideas utilizing their trusted, traditional, Sleep Carebaby products.

Johnson’s Baby essentials such as PINK Baby Lotion, Gold Baby Shampoo, DESITIN® Rapid Relief CreamHead-To-Toe Wash, and Desitin rank high on this list of frequently requested baby staples. All these products provide a first-time Mom with the essentials she needs from day one in addition to making an experienced Mom’s hectic routine easier by serving several purposes. For example, did you know Johnson’s Baby Powder doubles as a deodorant or a dry shampoo to remove oils and grease in a hurry? Moms could also consider saving space when traveling by using the same shampoo as their baby or by using baby oil as shaving cream.
JOHNSON'S® Baby Lotion
Lastly, Johnson’s recently expanded its Bedtime line with a new Bedtime Bubble Bath & Wash formulated with Naturalcalm essences, a unique blend of soothing aromas to help babies sleep better, the perfect touch to baby shower gift baskets.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Johnson’s and received samples of Johnson’s Baby products to facilitate my review.”


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