How to Take the Mystery out of Romance: Meet Gale Laure

How I Take the Mystery Out of Romance
By Gale Laure
Romance . . . hot kisses . . . a gentle touch . . . him softly calling your name . . . . 
It is not mystery we all want to be loved.  But why does a person love a certain person?  Why did all five men in my mystery, romance novel, Evolution of a Sad Woman, fall in love with one woman, Kizzy?   Was it her hauntingly beautiful, emerald, green eyes?  Was it her sexy, shapely body?  Was it her voice, her laugh, her smile, her tears, her anger?  What brought them to her and kept them there?
I believe passion is a prerequisite to any love that we experience in our lives.  Kizzy had plenty of passion for people, for her goals, for the men that she loved.  This passion is a powerful aphrodisiac for any man.
These five men all loved Kizzy with a passion.  Evan, the police detective could not forget that she was his first love.  Ah, first love is so powerful – so unforgettable.  It stirs a passion in us all.
Tom, the former pro-football player, could not forget his youthful years with Kizzy.  The passion she felt for him fed his ego, a strong need he had to fulfill.  Kizzy filled this need in him.  Does romance fill our needs?
Jimmy, the cabdriver, found vulnerability in Kizzy.  Or did she find vulnerability in him?  Did he need someone to need him?  Do we all need to be needed?
William, the attorney, always loved Kizzy, even as a child.  His loved changed into adult passion when he was overwhelmed with her as a woman.  William could never forget Kizzy, the child – or Kizzy, the woman.  Does love sometimes turn into romantic passion?
Father C.D., the priest, developed a physical passion for Kizzy.  She was his temptation.  Even after he conquered his physical attraction for Kizzy, he still had deep emotions for her.  Kizzy stirred a passion in him with her deep love for humanity.  Do we find romance with those we see admirable qualities in?
Passion is intense emotion.  This intense emotion leads us to romance and love.  Sometimes we make wrong decisions all in the name of love.  Wherever we go in our lives, we follow love. 
Kizzy is waiting.  The mystery of why she is loved is simple in Evolution of a Sad Woman. The mystery of the death of Kizzy is awaiting solution. 
Why are you loved?  Why do you love?  Do you find romance in love – and love in romance?
About the Author:
Gale Laure, a native Texan, is the international selling author of Evolution of a Sad Woman, a mystery, suspense, thriller and romance novel.   She resides in a small suburban town in the Houston area with her husband and family.  Laure’s hobbies include genealogical research, movies, creating stories for the children around her, involvement in her church and people watching. She is busy at work editing her second novel, The Bunkhouse, and writing the sequel to Evolution of a Sad Woman.  It is entitled Alana – Evolution of a Woman.  As mysterious as her  book, Laure writes under a pseudonym.  Adamant about maintaining her privacy and the privacy of her family, she keeps her identity a mystery! 
For more information about Gale Laure or her novel, Evolution of a Sad Woman,  visit or her blog .



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3 thoughts on “How to Take the Mystery out of Romance: Meet Gale Laure

  1. This murder mystery book by author Gale Laure was a good book to read. It began with a brutal crime and you will not see the ending coming until the author spills the blood so-to-speak. You should consider reading the first two chapters from the murder mystery book at the author Gale Laure’s site.

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