An anti-dieting plan for weight loss: THE EDEN DIET

NOTE FROM CHRISTA: The simplicity of what Dr. Hancock teaches is the absolute “secret” to a life where you eat to live, not live to eat.  At first, it seems too good to be true. How is it I can eat whatever I want and still lose weight? Nothing to measure, weight, calculate, total, dance around, stand on one foot and jump…? Did God really create brownies to torture me?

Eat when I’m hungry? What a notion! Hunger? I eat by the clock. My lunch at school is 11:15. I eat whether or not I’m hungry because, if I don’t I can’t eat again until after 2:41. Horror of horrors! The most challenging aspect of this mind set is being aware of hunger pangs, the pangs God gave us…not our emotional hunger pangs, our physical ones. In the beginning, that kind of obedience requires patience and attention to your body signals. What’s amazing, though, is that once you begin to recognize the rumblings as true hunger, you realize how much food you DON’T NEED to be satisfied.

This plan is about obedience to God and trust in Him. If he meets all my needs, I don’t think the Blue Bell Creamery is going out of business because I eat less ice cream than before!



In The Eden Diet, Dr. Rita M. Hancock teaches you how to lose weight by attuning to and harnessing the power of your hunger pangs—by using them as a compass to tell you when and how much to eat. On this plan, you get to eat any

food you enjoy, even cheeseburgers, pizza, desserts, and junk food—but in smaller portions than the world would have you believe is normal, and only when you’re actually hungry.

Through the book, Dr. Hancock exposes food industry and advertising and marketing tactics that lead you to eat when your body doesn’t need food. She teaches you how to reject those misleading messages and rely on the only information you can trust—the hunger signals that God programmed into you in the beginning.

The Eden Diet: Weight Loss Through God’s Love, Not Through Dietary “Works” (from Dr. Hancock):

For some people, losing weight can be an unconscious attempt to achieve validation. They think, “If I lose weight, I’ll show God (and myself and those around me) that I’m a good Christian-that I’m more together and obedient-and that I’m finally good enough.” In a way, it’s a form of spiritual perfectionism-or bondage-feeling that you have to redeem yourself with weight loss “works” to earn His approval.

But obedience is supposed to flow naturally out of love, according to 1st John 5, not hold you in bondage or make you feel guilty. The way you eat should not be a tool through which you try to manipulate God. “If I eat properly and lose weight, then God will be pleased with me and give me an easy life.” When you think that way, your obedience (or failure at obedience) becomes a tool that Satan uses against you.

That’s why the concept of eating properly as a demonstration of your obedience to God is potentially harmful. It can help you or it can be twisted around and used against you by the Accuser to cause guilt and shame, which, in turn, cause you to feel separated from God.

God doesn’t want you to eat properly for the sake of obedience. He doesn’t want you to feel guilty and shameful, and He doesn’t want you to feel separated from Him. He primarily wants you to be closer to Him in relationship. He looks at you through the eyes of mercy and love, not condemnation and blame.

After you overeat, God wouldn’t even mention the word “obedience.” He’d say, “My heart breaks for you, child. You had a deep need for Me and you tried to medicate your void with food. I wish you could receive My deeper healing instead.” He would NOT say, “I’m angry because you disobeyed Me.” The latter statement reflects self-centeredness, not love. Therefore, it can’t be from God.

God is not a whip-cracking overlord who cares about minutia like what you do or don’t eat. In the New Testament, the Lord said to not worry about what you eat and drink (Matthew 6:25). Worrying about such trivial things distracts you from God and makes you even more vulnerable to Satan’s attacks. God is all about love. He is love. But, He won’t love you extra if your obedience helps you to lose your unwanted fat. He won’t love you extra if you break out of bondage to food. He won’t even love you extra if you draw closer to Him through your weight loss. He loves you the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow, no matter how much your weight fluctuates.

Likewise, failure at weight loss won’t bring an eternal penalty. If you’ve asked Jesus to be the Lord of your life, you are saved by His grace once and for always, again, no matter what you weigh or how you eat.

In summary, if you’re seeking to improve your eating habits, stop trying to force the change through obedience. It often backfires and becomes a tool that Satan uses to cause guilt, shame, and condemnation.

Instead, relax, let go of the pressure, and lose weight in the flow of God’s will through The Eden Diet. You will feel so good emotionally that you won’t even want to overeat anymore. Voila! Weight loss the more joyful way-through love!

About Dr. Hancock’s Personal Weight Loss Experience

Rita knows first hand what it is like to overcome obesity. Being Italian, she had access to the world’s most delicious food when she was growing up. Unfortunately, she ate too much of it. By the time Rita was 17 and was 5’1” tall, she weighed 207 pounds and wore size 20 jeans.

Prior to leaving for Cornell University to study nutrition, Rita lost 75 pounds. And she did it by including occasional treats in her overall low-calorie diet, and by eating less and exercising more.

At Cornell, Rita minored in nutrition, participated in original nutrition research, and completed a thesis on the control of body weight. Through these studies, she was mentored by a world-leader in obesity research.

Apart from temporary fluctuations in her weight related to having children, Rita has now maintained her weight loss for 25 years.

About Dr. Hancock’s Medical Training

After completing her nutrition studies as an undergraduate at Cornell University, Rita attended medical school at the State University of New York at Buffalo, where she was awarded a research fellowship to study gastroenterology (digestive diseases) at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas. She was also awarded the prestigious National Institute of Health’s Medical Student Research Training Fellowship, which allowed her to continue her studies in nutrition for two years at the Center for Human Nutrition in Dallas, Texas.

Upon graduating from medical school, Dr. Hancock completed an internship in internal medicine at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas, and went on to her residency in rehabilitation medicine at Parkland Memorial Hospital in Dallas, and to subspecialty board-certification in pain management.


8 thoughts on “An anti-dieting plan for weight loss: THE EDEN DIET

  1. The Eden Diet sounds like you are removing much of the processed food, & promoting food in its natural state.

    My question is how many people have been successful with this diet? Of those that were successful even if you were to stop the hunger pangs, what about the mental cues that take place when you past a McDonald’s & you reflect on your last tasty experience there? See the game has changed because food scientists are now modifying foods to appeal to your palate in a way that will create a memorable, almost addictive experience! For more info read The End of Overeating & Fast Food Nation. Fitness Love.

  2. Start the day with some cereal with low fat milk or wholemeal bread with veg and cheese

    take veg salad, or potato salad, or pasta salad with fruit juice. or some clear soup stuff with noodles as lunch

    dinner take rice with clear soup, fish, steam or boil veg

    then bottom line is to have a balance diet, more exercise, stay away from snacks, fried stuff, cut down on meat (esp red ones) drink more water etc

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