Meet the other Bella in the Charmed Life series by Jenny B. Jones

I first met Jenny online and, with both of us being short, high school teachers, and writers, well…would there be any doubt we’d be friends? We met at an ACFW Conference a few months later, and we discovered we have the same amusingly skewed perceptions and observations. Mostly about ourselves. And we can both exist on low quality junk food, which probably means that in hundreds of years our bodies will be so preserved will be on tour in museums. Of  course, by then, we’ll be yukking up in heaven with the Big Guy and maybe doing comedy routines for improv night.

But, in the meantime, I’m thrilled she’s writing Young Adult books because teens need to know that they’re not alone in the struggles of life at school, with parents, and with one another. They need to know that being cool is possible without sex, drugs, and anorexia.  Jenny’s characters are real kids with real issues and, just because this is Christian fiction, the solutions are not delivered in a text messsage from God or an email from one of the Heavenly Hosts.  Bella, in the Charmed Life series, is as far removed from Katie B. Parker of the In Between series as sushi is from down-home chili. Bella is a brat, prone to considering a nail chip cause for an ER visit. Then, like many teens, she’s jettisoned out of her emotional and physical creature comforts when her parents decide to jettison their relationship. So, what now? The answer to that shocks Bella and demands more from her than she’s prepared to give, especially without a VISA. And that’s where the real meaning of charm begins.

Even if you don’t read YA, do a teen a favor…buy this series. Her novels are on my bookshelf at school. And my students are so impressed that I know a REAL writer!

So Not Happening– A Charmed Life Novel- Book 1

New York’s social darling Isabella Kirkwood just woke up in a nightmare: Oklahoma.

Isabella Kirkwood had it all: popularity at a prestigious private school in Manhattan, the latest fashions, and a life of privilege and luxury.

Then her father, a plastic surgeon to the stars, decided to trade her mother in for a newer model.

When her mother starts over with her new husband, Bella is forced to pack up and leave all she knows to live with her new family in Oklahoma. Before her mother can even say “I do,” Bella’s life becomes a major “don’t.”

Can Bella survive her crazy new family? Will the school survive Bella? How can a girl go on when her charmed life is gone and God gives her the total smackdown?

I’m So Sure– A Charmed Life Novel- Book 2
Coming November, 2009!I'm So Sure by Jenny B Jones

When you’re Bella Kirkwood, normal just isn’t an option. Bella Kirkwood is finally situated in her new hometown, but she’s not ready for the whirlwind of randomness that takes place next.

When her stepdad enters a new wrestling reality show, Bella is pulled along for the ride as her life goes on display for all the world to see.

As the cameras roll, Bella must solve a prom-queen mystery, deal with her returning ex-boyfriend, and keep her cool as she works alongside the hot but irritating newspaper editor Luke Sullivan.

JENNY: as she sees herself:

I write Christian fiction with a few giggles, quite a bit of sass, and lots of crazy. My novels include the Katie Parker Production series and the upcoming book So Not Happening. I would also like to take credit for Twilight , but somewhere I think I read you’re not supposed to lie.

Author Jenny B JonesWhen I’m not typing my heart out (or checking email), I teach at a super-sized high school in Arkansas.

My students are constantly telling me how my teaching changes their lives and turned them away from drugs, gangs, and C-SPAN.

Okay, that’s not exactly true.

Some facts that are true include:

A. I got my camera confiscated by big boys with guns at the American  Embassy in Europe this past summer. O la la!

B. I once worked in a seed mill office and cleaned out mice on a regular basis. Ew.

C. I’m a former drama teacher.

D. I didn’t pass my drivers test the first time. Or the second…
E. I attract stray animals like a magnet.
F. I used to assemble and test paint ball guns for a local factory.

Since my current job leaves me with very little free time, I believe in spending my spare hours in meaningful, intellectual pursuits such as:

  • watching E!
  • updating my status on Facebook
  • catching Will Ferrell on YouTube and
  • writing my name in the dust on my furniture



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