GOOD NEWS: God doesn’t care about the litter in your minivan…just the junk in your soul

Caught up in the self-imposed pressure to do and be all the things they think a Christian woman ought to do and be, countless women are working desperately to convince everyone, including God, that they have it all together. Few have any idea that the Creator of the universe looks at them with delight even when they yell at the dog, drive a minivan littered with French fries, or think bad words about that rude clerk at the store.

A A Perfect MessPerfect Mess offers hope to every woman who yearns for a vibrant relationship with God but worries she isn’t good enough or doesn’t do enough to merit His affection. With characteristic authenticity, speaker and author Lisa Harper shares poignant stories from her own imperfect life to showcase the real-life relevancy of the Bible in the lives of modern women.

As she guides readers on a story-driven journey through selected Psalms, they will be inspired to experience for themselves how God’s incomparable love transforms the messiness of life into a gorgeous work of grace.


From her website:

Best-selling author and pastor Max Lucado calls Lisa one of the “best Bible tour guides around,” and speaker Priscilla Evans Shirer adds, “If anyone can help us to hear, understand and receive the truth of Scripture it is Lisa Harper. Her God-given ability to not merely teach the Word but package it in a way that stirs the heart and calls to action is incomparable. When she speaks ears perk up!” Lisa’s pastor – Scotty Smith of Christ Community Church in Franklin, TN – sums up her appealing approach with this commendation, “In a day in which people deeply connect with stories and yet too often find the Bible abstract and irrelevant, Lisa shows us that the 66 books of the Bible are telling one grand story of personal and cosmic redemption, with Jesus starring as the lead character.”

Her vocational resume includes six years as the director of Focus on the Family’s national women’s ministry where she created the popular Renewing the Heart conferences, attended by almost 200,000 women, followed by 6 years as the women’s ministry director at a large church in Nashville. Her academic resume includes a Masters of Theological Studies with honors from Covenant Seminary in St. Louis. Now a sought-after Bible teacher and speaker, Lisa has spoken at many large multi-denominational events – such as Women of Faith, Moody Bible, Winsome Women and Focus on the Family conferences – as well as at hundreds of church retreats all over the world. She’s been on numerous syndicated radio and television programs and was featured on the cover of Today’s Christian Woman (July/August 2006). She’s now a columnist with TCW (the largest Christian women’s magazine in America) and answers reader’s theological questions with her trademark “warm wisdom” in every issue.

She’s written several books including Relentless Love, Every Woman’s Hope, and a trio of “Bible studies disguised as books.” She was also a key contributor to the Becoming Devotional Bible for Women, and her latest project is an interactive devotional titled What the Bible is All About for Women. She recently completed the manuscript of her eighth book – a delightful tour of the Psalms titled, A Perfect Mess: How God Adores and Transforms Imperfect People Like Us. Published by Random House, it will be available in stores Spring ’09.

Yet in spite of her credentials, the most noticeable thing about Lisa Harper is her authenticity. When recently asked about her accomplishments she responded with a grin saying, “I’m definitely grateful for the opportunities God’s given me; but don’t forget, He often uses donkeys and dimwits!”



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