DEFYING AUTISM: A story of hope

Defying Autism: A Miraculous Story of Hope by Karen Mayer Cunningham

(Creation House, April 2009)

Miraculous healing of autistic child offers hope, encouragement

Before Karen Mayer Cunningham turned 30, she had it all—a fairytale romance that began with love at first sight and an adorable son, James. Like many stories, hers unexpectedly took a turn for the worst.

Before his second birthday, James began exhibiting strange behavior that baffled his parents and drove a wedge between them. It started with banging his head against the wall and moved on to staring zombie-like at the television for hours, followed by eating erasers, flip-flops, and the rubber lining on their car doors. Eventually he was putting holes in the drywall with his teeth.

Two and one-half years later, James was diagnosed as autistic. In spite of the relief over knowing the cause of James’s behavior, the worst was yet to come. Putting him in special classes only slightly improved his behavior, and an uninformed school worker called Child Protective Services twice regarding James’s behavior. With all the stress, Karen’s marriage to Tom “was tanking.”

Life took another turn in 1999 when Karen attended an event hosted by Gospel Revelation Ministries. In the meeting, she received special instructions—to play Christian music in “my home around the clock, and especially in [James’s] room as he slept.” Initially, Karen balked at a ministry worker’s suggestion that James could be healed, but less than one year later he experienced a dramatic deliverance.

James is now a teenager. “To look at him today, you would never know how tortured and violent, how inhuman he had once behaved. He is a sweet, well-spoken, quiet, respectful, loving little boy, on his way to being what was originally planned for him,” Karen writes.

“The enemy of God wants the people of God ignorant and in despair; [autism] is the ultimate curse,” she writes. “But the Father is in the curse-busting business, and so whether He leads us to phenomenally gifted physicians and clinicians or to alternative therapies or to those who know how to address spiritual matters in the power of the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth, He wants us to be free. He wants our children to be free.”

Karen Mayer Cunningham

About the Author

The ups and downs of life have taught Karen Mayer Cunningham that laughter really is the best medicine for what ails you. Her passionate narratives can as easily make you laugh as they can move you to tears. Karen draws many of her stories from her daily life and more specifically from being the mother of a severely autistic son. More than once Karen wondered how she would face the trials that crossed her path. The weight of the responsibility of a handicapped child, became the cross roads of her life. Her story of how God super-naturally altered and prospered her life will uplift and refresh you. Whether she is opening for a Grammy award winning musician, redirecting a sales force or lifting up the hearts of a women’s encounter, she cuts through with comedy and clarity; challenging others to take it up a notch or two. Karen knows that through he release of emotions you will internalize her message of possessing the promises and purposes of God, that will take you on the road to truly joyful living.

Karen is a gifted stand-up comic, motivator, and author. She and her husband, Cortney, live in Houston with their three beautiful children, James, Paige, and Caden.

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“I cannot tell you when I have enjoyed a book more. I could NOT put it down. I have a grandson with an autism spectrum disorder and her book just touched my core being! The honesty that she portrayed was so encouraging.”

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