Meet Richard Roach, author of Scattered Leaves

When Ben McCord comes home from a business trip to find his young wife raped and murdered, he starts out on a journey of death and destruction.

Clues lead him to a dark world of drugs and violence in action that spans Texas, Colorado, and the Mexican border. McCord hooks up with a beautiful doctor, who was also victimized by members of the same drug cartel, and together they track down the killers, surviving bloody confrontations, and ending with a suspenseful climax in the Big Thicket of Texas.

If you like twisting plots, action, and surprises, this is the book for you.

See interview with Richard HERE

Richard E. Roach was born in Galveston, Texas in 1931. He attended Trinity University, and the University of Texas. He served in the USAF for four years as a drill sergeant. Richard has invented several electronic instruments used in the detection of oil and gas, formed his company, manufactured them and sold them nationwide as Richard E. Roach, Inc. Before the oil business fell upon hard times, he sold the business for several million dollars and retired to write. Richard is married and Norma has put up with him since 1948. He has three grown children.

Short stories of his have been published in “Man’s Story 2,” “Happy 2007,” “Iconoclast 2006,” and “Bibliophilos 2006.” His first novel, “Scattered Leaves” hit the book stores on September 1, 2008. His second novel in this series, “Scattered Money,” will be published in 2009.

What readers say about “Scattered Leaves”

Scattered Leaves is a wonderful book combining suspense, mystery and romance. From the descriptive writing, I could visualize the characters and surroundings. You could feel the emotions of the main character Ben – from the loss of his love and really the only family he had to finding her murderer and finding love again. I look forward to reading more of this author’s books.
– Trish Tuesburg, RN, First Presbyterian Hospital, Dallas

There is absolutely no doubt that Richard E. Roach can write. His prose hits you right in the stomach, and it hits hard. I felt totally desensitized. The violence never stopped. Undoubtedly well written, “Scattered Leaves” by Richard E. Roach is a book I would recommend to anybody who loves scenes of death, destruction, violation and obliteration.
– Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson, Reader Views

Murder, drugs, oil, and a twist – ingenious.
– Kent McKinney, Sr., Founder and Editor of Truck Market News (retired)

This is an absolutely awesome book by Richard Roach. I could not put it down. I work in this field and it was like a reality book to me filled with spine tingling action that kept me glued to the book, but not to be left out, a little tenderness in the mix. Drugs, murder, and falling in love, I couldn’t ask for more.
– Lynda Posey, Evidence Technician, Texas DPS Crime Lab

A multilayered story filled with intrigue and skullduggery. Mr. Roach is excellent with his descriptive ability both of characters and places. I could feel the cold wind blowing on my face and hear the crunch of snow under my shoes. A fun and entertaining read.
– Dr. Andy Dillard, M.D.

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