If people are still asking your due date, and the baby’s two years old…this book’s for you

The Baby Fat Diet

NOTE FROM CHRISTA: I gained over sixty pounds with my fifth and last child. He was, and still is, a beautiful baby.  But he didn’t weigh fifty-nine pounds. Though this book is about twenty-three years too late for my baby weight, it’s not too late to guide me to healthy decisions.

Motherhood doesn’t have to mean permanent weight gain!

Get rid of those post-pregnancy pounds even if your youngest is already in school.

babyfatdietcover3Losing the baby fat is one of the hardest things for mothers even years after they give birth. Eating for two often results in gaining too much weight, and the more a woman gains, the harder it is to lose. And after having kids, moms are so busy and distracted it?s necessary for them to learn how to eat in a healthy, self-nurturing way again.

In The Baby Fat Diet, moms will be relieved to learn that small changes can make a big difference. Restrictive dieting and cutting out favorite foods to the extreme isn?t necessary. The book offers simple, easy-to-live-by health and nutrition tips that help women change the behaviors that make losing weight so difficult. The 30 timeless tips throughout are eminently practical and the recipes are delicious. Not only will moms lose weight on The Baby Fat Diet, they’ll feel good about themselves, too. Moms will discover:

  • Eating for one again
  • The importance of portion sizes
  • Why breakfast is a weight-loss ally
  • The fast-food solution
  • Pairing pleasure with healthy foods
  • Exercising to the Wiggles(R)

Tell me a little bit about your background and your family.
Monica: I am a dietitian with a unique background – I started at a hospital counseling patients. Soon after, I began working for a major food company as a nutrition research scientist and then went on to work in public relations and lastly, marketing where I helped the company launch their first scientifically-supported heart healthy chocolate product. I also maintained a private counseling practice during this time. As for my family, I am a mother of three and just recently, on Dec. 15th of 2008, had my third child (so, I am in the midst of losing my baby weight).

What do you like to do in your spare time? Hobbies?
Monica: In my spare time, I play with my children; try new recipes, exercise and scrapbook.

If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?
Monica: To slow down time and get more done in a day – there is so much to do every day; I wish I could accomplish more.

When you were a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Monica: I wanted to be one of the first professional women soccer players. I played soccer at the University of Texas at Austin on the very first women’s varsity team.

Where are you headed next?
Monica: I hope to write more books to help people live healthier lives and continue to grow my communications business and private practice.

How did you get involved in writing?
Monica: I began by writing my own patient handouts when I was first starting out as a clinical dietitian and fell in love with creating useful, educational material.

How do you find time to write?
Monica: I make time, just like I do for everything else…kids, husband, exercise, family, friends, hobbies, etc.

What did you enjoy most about the writing process?
Monica: I look forward and enjoy relating to my audience. I write for health professionals, the media, consumers, patients, sales teams, etc. I love getting into my reader’s mindset in order to make the piece as relevant and as useful to my audience as possible.

What was the most difficult aspect of the writing process?
Monica: Letting go – I typically want to continue to revise and improve. I have to give myself strict deadlines and stick to them; otherwise, I would continue to work on a piece until I felt it achieved absolute perfection, which could take forever.

Tell me about co-authoring a book. What was the process like? What was enjoyable? Difficult?
Monica: Shara and I work really well together. We complement each other tremendously as she and I approach writing and working very differently. Despite both of us being dietitians, we actually have very different backgrounds. This helps us look at our work from different angles and create, what we believe to be, the most creative solution for whatever project we are working on at the time.

What would you say to someone who wants to become a published author?
Monica: Go for it!!!!!

Where did you get the idea for the book? What compelled you to write it?
Monica: I have always maintained a private practice and teach a prenatal nutrition class at the Y – throughout my career, most of the women that I help to lose weight, started having weight problems post-pregnancy. It was the same for my friends and family. Throughout the years, we have learned what works and what does not work in terms of moms losing weight. So, we wanted to make the information that we had learned more available. And, since most post-pregnancy weight loss books are exercise-based, Shara and I felt that a nutrition and lifestyle book to help mom’s lose weight was missing from the shelves.

What are the major themes of the book?
Monica: Each short chapter is based on an issue faced by moms with a solution – we cover, when you should eat, what you should eat, how you should eat with concrete examples and interesting facts throughout the book. Additionally, we provide menus and shopping lists.

Why do you think “baby fat” is so difficult for moms to lose?
Monica: With each child comes a new set of demands and less time, plus the body itself is different and needs attention. By focusing on easy to incorporate healthful strategies that really do make a difference versus trying different diets or following bad advice, moms can actually lose the weight without trying too hard or having to take too much time away from other activities and responsibilities.

What kind of research did you have to do for the book?
Monica: The book is based on over 12 years of experience and research with a countless number of women (not to mention our own baby weight loss experiences) – every successful weight loss client as well as our own experiences went into this book. Additionally, all recommendations have a scientific foundation and are validated by scientific research.

What do you hope readers will take away from your book?
Monica: That to lose weight, one must eat and make good decisions. This book will help them learn how to do both.

About the Authors:

Monica Bearden, R.Dmonica_pic

is a food enthusiast who believes that a healthy lifestyle should always include delighting the palate with a good piece of chocolate. She began her career in clinical dietetics working with several nutrition-related issues including weight-loss and continues to counsel clients privately, teach community weight loss classes and teach as a certified fitness instructor.

Shara Aaron, M.S., R.D., lives what she preaches: eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly can help you get the most out of life. She began her career as nutrition and health editor for Family Circle magazine. She was also a manager of nutrition communications at a major food company, where she served, among other things, as a company nutrition media spokesperson. She is now the co-owner of NutCom, Lshara-picLC, a nutrition communications consulting company, and continues to privately counsel patients on weight loss and teach fitness classes as a certified aerobics instructor. Shara has published articles in Family Circle, Parents, and American Baby magazines.

Check out their blog at http://babyfatdiet.com/blog for great tips and recipes.

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