Help for keeping up with your family’s medications

Note from Christa: Oh, if only this had been around when my five children were younger. . .

Moms often become the chief health officers and advocates for their children, spouses and elderly parents. Staying informed about their families’ medications can be critical to their health, but keeping up with new drug safety information coming out nearly every day can pose a challenge., the largest and most comprehensive online drug information resource, wants to offer MoMednotesms an easy place to keep track of all their family’s medications in one place. Their recently released, award winning tool, MedNotes, provides a free online personalized medication management program that can be used to track the whole family’s medication profiles. On each personal family member profile you create, you can enter the names of all the medications being taken and then register to receive drug safety or interaction alerts to ultimately help reduce dangerous side effects and avoid unwanted drug interactions. In addition, MedNotes will send you new drug and specific condition news released by the FDA or drug makers related to the medications your family members take.

Keep separate medication lists for yourself, family members or patients. Specify age and sex separately for each profile to get only the most relevant information. Options are also available for pregnancy and lactation warnings. Physicians and researchers can also build profiles for each of their patients or keep a handy list of all medications prescribed.

By being updated on all of your family’s medication needs, you can feel more in control of your family’s health. is NOT an online pharmacy and does not condone the sale of prescription medicines over the Internet without a prescription. simply provides a free drug-information service to help you better understand how medicines work: their uses, side effects and potential to interact with other medicines. For information on purchasing prescription medicines online please visit the FDA’s Buying Prescription Medicines Online: A Consumer Safety Guide.
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The drug-information database is powered by four independent leading medical-information suppliers: Wolters Kluwer Health, Physicians’ Desk Reference, Cerner Multum and Thomson Micromedex. Individual drug (or drug-class) information content compiled by these sources is delivered complete and unaltered by medical dictionary is powered by Stedmans. Since 1911, Stedman’s Medical Dictionary has been the medical profession’s most trusted source for medical definitions. The Illustrated Health Encyclopedia is supplied by A.D.A.M., Inc., publishers of original content health articles. Most of A.D.A.M.’s health articles are initially developed by physicians, then reviewed by the A.D.A.M. Content Review Board, which consists of physicians who are specialists in their fields.

The Veterinary Product Database is an online version of the Compendium of Veterinary Products published by North American Compendiums. North American Compendiums is in the business of building, managing, maintaining and marketing data and databases in the animal health, crop chemical and human health industries in the USA and Canada.

The “Latest News” and “FDA Drug Alerts” sections are sourced from standard industry press releases, newspapers, online news sites and medical journals and the FDA. is NOT affiliated with any pharmaceutical companies. The only funding we receive from pharmaceutical companies is by way of advertisements that appear on the website. This advertising in no way affects the content of the drug information we supply.

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