Dissatisfied? Karen Linamen says that’s the good news AND the bad news. Want change? Read on.

Note from Christa: Buy Karen’s book even if all you ever do is read the chapter titles. You won’t be disappointed, and you’ll laugh. How often does that happen in life? If your answer, like mine, is “not often enough,” then read the chapters. I started with, “What if the HokeyPokey really is what it’s all about?” I couldn’t resist. Trust me. This is a gem.

Every woman longs for change in some area of her life. Unfortunately, fear, fatigue, adversity, heartbreak, past failures, and even the choices of other people get in the way and make lasting change seem out of reach. Having been there herself, Karen Linamen knows exactly how to take readers from where they are to where they want to be.

In Only Nuns Change Habits Overnight, she examines 52 powerful actions readers can apply to any change they long to embrace. Her insights apply to career, finances, personal health and fitness, relationships, faith-in fact, every facet of a woman’s life.

Blending laugh-out-loud humor and sage advice, Linamen shows readers the link between dissatisfaction and transformation, how to remodel habits, the little-known truth about procrastination, how to generate the energy they need to pursue the life they desire, how to benefit from options and resources they never dreamed they had, and much, much more!

Karen Linamen is a popular speaker and the celebrated author of ten books for women, including Due to Rising Energy Costs the Light at the End of the Tunnel Has Been Turned Off and Just Hand Over the Chocolate and No One Will Get Hurt. She has been featured on more than one hundred radio programs, including FamilyLife Today. Publishers Weekly describes her as “funny, forthright and unforgettable.” Linamen lives with her family in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Visit her website at www.karenlinamen.com.

“… the queen of good humor and common sense.” -Literary Guild

“Linamen’s gems of wisdom are interspersed with her off-the-wall-yet strangely accurate-observations…”-Woman’s Touch

“Erma-Bombeck style of fun and humor!” -Susan’s Books and Gifts

“Karen Linamen may be the next Erma Bombeck.” -Estelle Lamb, A Closer Look

“With refreshing candor and clarity, Linamen guides women toward emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.” -Ipswich Lutheran Parish Christian Living website

“In the same humorous, vulnerable, charming vein as her previous book, Linamen wrestles with the tough issues with which most women struggle, including stress, depression, PMS, bad hair days, broken dreams and baffling relationships.” -Our Picks

“Funny, forthright and unforgettable.” -Publishers Weekly

“With rapid-fire humor, [Linamen] refects on her own wild and zany household. Tried-and-true advice follows her tongue-in-cheek commentary.” -CBA Marketplace

“…in the tradition of Erma Bombeck.” -Southern California Christian Times

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One thought on “Dissatisfied? Karen Linamen says that’s the good news AND the bad news. Want change? Read on.

  1. Christa,

    Thanks for the great review! Your intro definitely made me smile. Love that you loved the “Hokey Pokey” chapter title… I have to admit, that’s one of my personal faves, too! (Okay, that and also “Some Days It’s Not Worth Chewing Through the Restraints.” Every now and then, a girl needs a little dark humor to get through the day!)


    Karen Linamen
    Humorous Inspirational Speaker

    P.S. New book alert! The Chocolate Diaries has just been released!

    P.P.S. I’ll be linking to your blog in a new reader email I’m starting! 🙂

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