Where Santa really shops and why he can ho-ho-ho.


NOTE FROM CHRISTA: Let me tell you what I love about shopping. . .not much. Really. My daughters will absolutely verify this; in fact, they’re considering therapy for me, I’m sure.  Shopping malls, boutique stores-square footage isn’t so much the issue. It’s that I am totally and completely inundated by the tsunami of stuff. My little ADD self boomerangs, certain there’s a better something else, somewhere else, for some other price.  Paralyzed by indecision, I wander around trying to remember what I was shopping for in the first place.

Do I hate all shopping? But, no. Laptop, midnight [or any time], jammies, and debit card…now THAT’S my comfort zone. I can browse, comparison shop, bookmark for later, and score real deals when there’s the siren song of free shipping. Even with falling gas prices, I’m still ahead of the game. Because I’ve also avoided the crowds, the waiting in line, the parking, the traffic, the having to change out of my jammies…

And just when I think I’ve scored with online shopping, along comes Mom Central announcing SHOP.COM, and–oh, my goodness–nirvana. Over 2,000 merchants with over 20 million products, and–wait for it–a universal shopping cart. One cart, one account, and even better–one password! SHOP.COM also offers ecards, coupons, rebates, gift certificates, a shopping service, and date reminders.

I’ve provided information from their web pages below, but visit the site even if you’re not shopping for anything (right……like that’s possible). I’m searching for large springform pans for my cheesecakes.  On SHOP.COM, I entered “cheesecake pans” in search, and the elves popped up FIVE PAGES of possibilities. I’m telling you. It’s shopping heaven.

The SHOP.COM Story

In 1997 Lee Lorenzen found his mailbox bulging with more than two dozen catalogs, all delivered in a single day. As both an entrepreneur and a technologist, he realized that there must be a more efficient way for merchants to place their offers in front of customers and for customers to shop conveniently for just the right product and brands across a wide selection of merchants.

Instead of “pushing” offers to customers and hoping the products and timing matched their needs, why not create a single location where customers could shop for the exact products they wanted, precisely when they wanted them? And why not leverage the Internet to build a virtual marketplace?

And so we began as Catalog City, a web site dedicated to catalog retailers where customers could order from hundreds of catalogs online. The vision grew to include products from department stores, specialty stores, and web only retailers. We also developed our patented OneCart® technology which allows customers to shop across hundreds of merchants and check out only once with a single password-protected account.

Now, backed by over a decade of technology development, the original vision has evolved into SHOP.COM, the destination comparison shopping engine that merchandises to women and leverages the multi-merchant features of its patented OneCart® technology. We provide easy access to a vast selection of products and merchants – from well-known name brands to lesser-known but equally high quality specialty retailers – organized for convenience in finding, comparing and buying items for the home, family, work, friends, and personal needs and interests.

We believe that a shopping venue providing convenience, choice, great prices, safety and security, trusted brands and hard-to-find products and a personalized experience is compelling. And SHOP.COM delivers all that.

Maximizing Your SHOP.COM Experience

Key to our promise at SHOP.COM is that we will do everything we can to help you satisfy all your shopping needs as quickly and easily as possible. This section will help you to maximize the ease with which you can find and buy products in our marketplace, as well as help you understand the special services available to you while shopping here.

Finding What You Need at SHOP.COM

Whether you’re looking for a red cashmere sweater, pale blue eye shadow or deep green emerald earrings, finding the products you need on SHOP.COM should be as intuitive and familiar as working with a trusted and knowledgeable salesperson at your favorite store.

We encourage you to start shopping on SHOP.COM by typing the name of the product, brand, or store into the search box on any page. Our intelligent search engine will then find and present you with an extensive selection of merchandise and stores that best match your request.

Narrowing your results is easy. Simply click on the desired values in the navigation guide that displays above your results. Only those items that fit your additional criteria will be displayed. You may also search within the results shown on a page at any time by typing your request in the search box to the right of the guided navigation links.

Limiting Search to a Particular Merchandise Category

If you would like to ensure that your search is performed within a specific category of merchandise, simply choose the category name from the dropdown to the left of the search box, type in what you are looking for, and click “Find.

Limiting Search to a Particular Merchant

To find only products offered by a particular merchant, search for that merchant’s store or catalog by entering the merchant’s name into the search box. If the merchant is a catalog merchant and has just one catalog, we send you directly into it. Otherwise you will be able to choose from a list of that merchant’s catalogs. Once you’re within a store or catalog, the dropdown next to the search box will automatically display that store or catalog name and limit your search to just those products within the store or catalog you are viewing.

You want to get the best value for your time and money anytime you shop. At SHOP.COM we respect this, and we have designed our marketplace to ensure you can always find the best values and timely specials. Our product listings always clearly show when a product is on sale. When an item is on sale, we show you the original price, the current sale price, and the amount of the discount.

Really want to find the truly lowest prices on either closeout or special merchandise? Try our Clearance Center, where you can find incredible savings on the best brands every day.

You need a gift. You want it to be special, to express that perfect sentiment the recipient will truly appreciate.

Or you need a gift today because you forgot about a special someone’s birthday. Or perhaps you want to be reminded when Aunt Sarah’s anniversary is two weeks away so you don’t forget. Or you want to set up a registry for your special event.

SHOP.COM’s Gift Center provides you with a host of services to satisfy all your gifting needs. These include:

  • The Gift Recommendation Service:Recommendations for the most appropriate gifts for that special someone or special occasion.
  • eGifts:Our unique virtual gifting service that lets you send really amazing gifts to anyone.
  • Gift Cards and eCards:Send a quick, appropriate greeting to that special someone in whatever form you chose.
  • The Gift Certificate Center:Find gift certificates for most of the member merchants of SHOP.COM.
  • Gift Registries:Where your gift recipients can tell you what they really want or need.
  • Date Reminder Service:Remember all those special dates in your life with this easy-to-use service.

Imagine giving that special someone a beautifully-wrapped gift box that, when opened, would display a variety of hand-selected gifts tailored just for them, any one of which they could choose? A SHOP.COM eGift is the next best thing! It is a virtual gift box that can hold an unlimited number of gift possibilities. You select any number of possible gifts for an individual – for a special occasion or just because – at a specific price. You then send this personalized gift box containing all these options to your gift recipient via an email with an eCard attached. When they open the gift – voilá – they can see all these options (without the price shown) and select the one gift they like best. The gift they select is then shipped directly to them. Your credit card is billed automatically.

eGifts are a great option when you’re not sure exactly what to get, when you lack information about that person’s preferences (e.g. size or color), or when you need a last minute gift literally up to five minutes before it has to arrive.

Have a special gift-giving need, such as a wedding or anniversary? Or just want to let someone else know about an item that would make your day if it magically appeared? SHOP.COM’s gift registries let you do just that. We provide you the ability to set up gift registries for special events like weddings, anniversaries, or birthdays, and add products to those registries from any merchant participating in SHOP.COM’s marketplace.

Can’t remember those important dates in your life and not yet wealthy enough to afford a personal assistant to handle remembering for you? Let SHOP.COM do it for you! Set the event, the date, and the reminder time of an important event and we’ll notify you when you ask. SHOP.COM helps you have the right gift or card there on-time.

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