Don’t get your dander up. . .Clorox has it under control.

One of my daughters went through most of her teen years with an inhaler that we thought we’d have to decorate to coordinate with her clothes; it seemed as if she’d never be free of it. She’s now on her own, and this spray is exactly what she needs…Better late than never!

Clorox Anywhere® Anti-Allergen Fabric Spray

This gentle and effective formula helps neutralize up to 90 percent of common indoor allergens* that can hide in upholstery and fabrics throughout the house. The formula works by changing the structure of allergen proteins, rendering them inactive. The fragrance-free, dye-free spray is safe on virtually all fabrics and gentle enough to use around kids and pets. Not recommended on fabrics that are prone to water spotting such as leather, wool, silk and mohair.

* Neutralizes up to 90% of allergens
* Gentle enough to use around kids and pets
* Fragrance-free
* Dye-free

Some of the places you can use Clorox Anywhere® Anti-Allergen Fabric Spray.

* Cushions
* Curtains
* Carpets
* Bedding

* Upholstered fabrics
* Stuffed animals
* Clothing
* Pet bedding

Neutralize up to 90% of allergens* on fabrics.

Neutralizes allergen proteins, changing their structures so they don’t cause allergies.

*Dust mite matter, cat dander and dog dander.

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