Spot On…Spot Off: Check out SPOT SHOT

Spot Shot® Instant Carpet Stain Remover

Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain Remover instantly eliminates the toughest carpet stains-even OLD stains! Spot Shot works great on pet stains, coffee, spaghetti sauce, grease and oil, marker, wine and more!

Just spray on Spot Shot and blot the stain away. No need for rubbing or scrubbing. It’s that simple.

The stain-eliminating power of Spot Shot is available in both aerosol can and trigger spray bottle forms. Look for Spot Shot in the household cleaning section of your favorite mass, supermarket, drugstore or club store.

Spot Shot also offers a professional strength product used in hotels, schools, and other areas where the toughest carpet stains need the quickest attention. And, try Spot Shot Multi-Purpose Foam to clean large carpet areas, as well as vinyl and fabrics.

NOTE FROM CHRISTA: My parents were dog people; I married a cat person. I knew about the gifts dogs leave behind [oops-pun alert!], but I was not prepared for the cat-ack…AKA hairballs. Repeat after me…ick, ick, ick. So, when MOM CENTRAL announced this Blog Tour for Spot Shot, my fingers hit the keyboards.

You know the company has confidence in its product when it mails the Spot Shot and a carpet sample with a bottle of chocolate syrup [unfortunately, NOT for consumption] and a spray bottle of ammonia. Not only was seeing believing, but so was smelling. After smearing chocolate on the carpet and spraying it with the ammonia, not only was the chocolate stain disappearing…the ammonia smell was G-O-N-E. Amazing. And reassuring because if you’ve ever experienced a cat missing the litter box [surely a male], the smell of ammonia is pretty darn close.

Spot Shot is non-toxic, which means I can use around the grandbabies, and biodegradable, which means the bacteria can use it.

What Makes Spot Shot® Different From Other Products of This Type?

Spot Shot Instant Carpet Stain Remover is a powerful cleaner specifically formulated to remove spots and stains instantly and without scrubbing. Practically speaking, most of the other popular products of this type are actually general cleaners. Spot Shot is formulated with powerful cleaning agents created to specifically remove tough water and oil-based stains including pet stains, cola, wine, urine, shoe polish, grease, ink, and lipstick. Spot Shot Carpet Stain Remover won’t turn hard and “crusty” when allowed to dry like other leading brands that leave a soapy residue.

How Does Spot Shot Work?

Spot Shot’s formula penetrates deep into carpet fibers where it’s patented formula acts to break the physical bond of stain particles from the carpet fiber and pad, allowing them to be blotted-up and completely out of your carpet.

Will Spot Shot Work on Clothing?

Yes. While Spot Shot is formulated for use on carpet fibers, it can also be an effective spot remover on washable fabrics. However, first test all fabrics for colorfastness and DO NOT use Spot Shot on silks, fabrics marked “dry-clean only”, or non-colorfast fabrics.

For best laundry results, use Spot Shot as your first stain remedy. We cannot guarantee Spot Shot’s effectiveness on stains that have been treated with other products. Many staining agents contain dyes or acids, or stains created by extreme heat (i.e., scalding liquids), may cause a permanent modification to fabric. Some stains are not removable.


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