Woogi World!

Note from Christa: Just the waiting to load screen with the frog trying to nab the password is enough to keep Emma (3) entertained! What I like about this site is she can click and watch her woogi scoot around and be delighted…so, even at her age, it offers something. Of course, keeping sister Hannah (1) frm mashing the keyboard is another story. . .

As parents, we constantly search for fun and inventive ways to teach our children life and academic skills. At the same time, children access the online world in increasing numbers to gather information, connect with peers, and play games, whereas in the past, running out the back door and investigating the world with friends taught life lessons. As a result, we often feel like digital immigrants to our children’s native Internet world.

Woogi World, a new (and free) online destination for kids, provides a safe and engaging online world where kids can connect with other kids and learn academics, art, values, service, health, and proper Internet usage. By encouraging kids to learn on a platform they already use everyday, Woogi World combines the Internet with offline activities. When kids enter Woogi World (after getting their parent’s approval) they make a Woogi and a Wigwam that they can personalize. After designing their individual Woogi, they earn watts (Woogi money) by playing games online, completing tasks offline, or doing something nice for one of their fellow Woogies.

On September 1, 2008, Woogi World’s partnership with Studies Weekly and Assembly Videothe Humane Society launched. Each kid enrolled in a participating classroom will receive a “secret code” to log onto Woogi World and participate in online activities. The secret code allows students to access information relevant to the academics they learn in the classroom. With 50,000 schools involved in the program, Woogi World expects to reach over 23 million kids nationwide. Teachers can also get involved through the Foundation for a Better Life home and school media program, through which either parents or teachers get DVD’s and posters based on the child’s accomplishments on Woogi World.

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