VUSION dispenses treatment, not guilt

My first son is now 31-years-old and the father of my two precious granddaughters, so please don’t tell him I blogging about his diaper days. [And if you’re reading this Michael, you can breathe… I’m not posting pictures.]

All those many years ago, the first pediatrician I saw in the hospital frowned condescendingly when I told him I planned to use disposable diapers. He shoved his hands in his starched white lab coat, looked at me, and said, “How would you like your bottom to be wrapped in a raincoat all day?”

Today, I’d probably tell him if that was an invitation, I didn’t know him well enough to go there. But at 24-years-old, bringing my adored baby home after having had a miscarriage the year before, I felt like I’d just been doused with a bucket full of mommy guilt.

So, I spent the first two weeks of new motherhood being a human pincushion trying to shield my baby’s skin against my fumbling jabbing of the safety pins into cloth diapers. I’m not sure who cried more at every diapering…Michael or me.

Of course, he developed a diaper rash. And, of course, it was all my fault because I was a failure as a mother. Frequent diaper changes, allowing him to be a little nudist, and making sure he was cleaner than a surgical suite…none of it seemed to expedite or help.

What I didn’t know then was that 43% of all diaper rashes treated by doctors involves Candida, a yeast usually found in the intestinal tract. When this yeast is carried to baby’s tender bottom, a certain kind of yeast infection can occur. How do I know this? Because, thanks to Mom Central, I found out about Vusion Ointment.

It’s too late for my kiddos, but Vusion’s just in time for my grandchildren. And it just might be the prescription for the Mommy-guilts!

What is Vusion® Ointment?

Vusion® Ointment is a prescription skin medication used to treat diaper rash that has been complicated by a certain kind of documented yeast infection. Vusion® Ointment contains the following ingredients for treatment:

  • Miconazole nitrate (antifungal agent)
  • Zinc oxide
  • White petrolatum

Specifically developed for babies as young as 4 weeks, it’s the only prescription product ever approved by the FDA for the treatment of diaper rash with a certain kind of documented yeast infection.

Is Vusion® Ointment safe to use on infants?

If a healthcare provider has confirmed that your baby has diaper rash with a yeast infection, Vusion® Ointment is a safe and effective treatment option. Vusion® Ointment has the following benefits, making it well tolerated by infants as young as 4 weeks:

  • Effective, steroid-free formula, which means no risk of steroid-related side effects
  • Clinically tested on babies 4 weeks of age and older
  • Only product that’s FDA-approved for diaper rash with yeast infection

Remember, Vusion® Ointment is only for use when a healthcare provider has confirmed a diaper rash with a yeast infection. Vusion® Ointment should not be used to prevent diaper rash nor used for longer than 7 days because preventative use may not allow the treatment to work as well over time. If irritation occurs, or if the rash worsens, stop treatment and contact your healthcare provider.

Vusion® Ointment is a prescription skin medicine used to treat diaper rash that also has a documented yeast infection in children 4 weeks and older who have a normal immune system. Your healthcare provider will need to confirm that your child’s diaper rash is also complicated by a yeast infection. Do not use Vusion® Ointment on your child’s diaper rash unless your healthcare provider tells you that there is also a yeast infection.

Vusion® Ointment should be used as part of a treatment regimen that includes measures directed at the underlying diaper rash, including gentle cleansing of the diaper area and frequent diaper changes. Vusion® Ointment contains medicines that will help treat the yeast infection and the diaper rash, but you must also change your child’s diapers very often so that your child is not wearing a wet or soiled diaper. Even if you use Vusion® Ointment, diaper rash will not go away if you do not keep your child’s diaper area clean and dry.


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