Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to be rude!



As a high school teacher, I find that my responsibilities sometimes extend beyond grammar, writing and literature. In fact, just yesterday–the first day of school–as I was handing out my course guidelines, I heard, “Hey. Can we write on this?”

Twenty plus years of experience, National Board Certification, countless hours of professional development. To a fourteen-year-old, I was, “Hey.”

I’m on both sides of the desk. I’m the mother of five who, even though they now range in age from 31-23, weren’t always on the top of the social skills ladder.  So, I can appreciate the difficulty of raising polite children in a sometime rude world. And, based on these statistics from Mom Central, I’m not alone.

A recent Mom Central survey of 950 Moms nationally found that 98% of us Moms consider social skills very important to our children’s development while 85% of us experience frustration and tension when teaching these vital skills. Additionally, the survey revealed that 99% of us want more creative, innovative, and fun ways to teach our children social skills.we Moms spend a tremendous amount of time teaching these social skills. Moreover, with our busy schedules, we often end up enforcing skills such as sharing, listening, collaborating, cooperating, and good manners in high stress situations, reacting to our child’s failure to exercise these skills.

Social skills, at the very least involve saying, “Please” and “Thank you”; sadly, even among adults I find those words lacking. Beyond that are skills like listening, cooperating, and sharing.

I’m thrilled that Hasbro took on this challenge. Since I’m also a grandmother of two precious girls, I want them to grow up to be respectful and cooperative people.

As the maker of such family classics as Candy Land, Battleship, Scrabble and Clue, Hasbro wanted to provide playful and effective learning game. After two years of research and creativity, Noodleboro has arrived. Just released, the three Noodleboro board games each come with an accompanying CD for car rides or playtime and books for story time to enhance the valuable lessons:

  • We struggle to get our kids to listen and pay attention, and in the Pizza Palace Game, they must do both while taking our pizza orders. Although they might normally tune us out (when we only want mushrooms on one slice), listening becomes a fun challenge.
  • The Fun Park Game mirrors every family outing you have ever taken – your child must cooperate and work with you to make decisions about what to do next. Sharing and teamwork becomes creative and exciting as well as applicable to your family’s every day life.
  • The Picnic Basket Game reinforces manners, which prove effective to chase away ants and make the picnic run smoothly. From passing the lemonade to sharing the sandwiches, there’s no room for acting crabby and grabby.

Each NOODLEBORO game comes with a storybook and an audio CD so kids can see, hear, play and then live each NOODLEBORO life lesson.

Meet the NOODLEBORO kids and reinforce listening with songs, stories and tips found in the companion book and CD.

Game for playtime! It’s hard to have a perfect picnic party when ants keep trying to steal your food! Just say “please” and “thank you” to send those pesky ants packing and collect all the items that will make the picnic a success.


Book for storytime! Rachel refuses to use manners at the picnic with her friends. Read the book to see what happens when he big wish comes true and ends up making her feel “small.”

Audio CD for anytime! Play the CD to get kids laughing, singing and sharing with a story and silly songs from NOODLEBORO’s all-kid radio station!



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