Walt Disney Records

Sing and dance with your family’s favorite artists live on stage! Explore the festival grounds and fun-filled activity zones where kids can try out the latest PLAYSKOOL toys, create arts and crafts, make their own music, move and shake on the dance floor, and more!

The Disney Music Block Party Tour is an engaging festival experience for the whole family incorporating live musical performances by They Might Be Giants, Imagination Movers, Dan Zanes, Ralph’s World, and Choo Choo Soul as well as multiple interactive activity areas focused on stimulating the imagination through music, arts, and play. Kids are encouraged to explore their inner superstar in a fun, kid-friendly environment.

Choo Choo SoulChoo-Choo Soul was developed by video game designer Greg Johnson while working on his project “ToeJam & Earl III, Mission to Earth” for the Xbox. Burke Treischmann, who was the audio lead and music director on the project, had a working relationship with Greg for over 15 years. The two met Genevieve Goings when she auditioned for one of the voiceover roles in the game. Although she didn’t land the lead part, she recorded several character voices, some of which were gospel singers. Genevieve suggested actually singing the lines as opposed to speaking them. Greg and Burke were so blown away by the soul in her voice that Greg edited the script, adding over 10 pages of new singing lines for Genevieve.Dan Zanes & Friends

First, the announcer’s voice: “Live, from the Idea Warehouse, it’s the Imagination Movers!” A funk groove sets the tempo and, in a blur of blue jumpsuits, the musicians bound onto the stage. TImagination Movershe crowd quickly answers the call to “Jump up!” The music is a swirl of catchy, hook-burnished pop; 1980s-era alt rock; and call-and-response hip hop. The lyrics are about bedtime, healthy snacks and chasing down a soccer ball. And the vibe is like nothing that’s ever hit children’s music before.
These days there may be lots of rockers making kid-friendly records, but there’s only one Ralph Covert, an irrepressibly enthusiastic performer who rocks just as hard for kids as he does for grown-ups. Perma-grin on his face, lime-green Chuck Taylors on his feet—even at the Grammies! —his traveling circus of catchiness known as Ralph’s World is equally loved by cool-seeking parents as it is by children, fortunate to be living in an era where their music both rocks and respects their intelligence and curiosity.
Ralph's World
Following the success of “Here Come the ABCs: Original Songs about the Alphabet,” the Disney Sound/Walt Disney Records 2005 debut of They Might Be Giants, the New York duo of John Flansburgh and John Linnell.They Might Be Giants

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