GameStop is the world’s largest video game retailer, with over 4,400 stores located throughout the United States and 15 countries. GameStop, EB Games and Electronics Boutique retail locations set them apart in the industry. They offer customers both new and pre-owned products, all geared to deliver customer satisfaction. They complement their store network with GameStop.com and EBgames.com, and publish Game Informer, one of the industry’s largest circulation video game magazines.

When you sign-up to be on their mailing list, you’ll receive their newsletter which contains exclusive promotions, coupons, and links to their weekly ad that only newsletter subscribers receive. You may also receive relevant information about chain events such as tournaments, midnight openings and more.

With the rise in popularity of gaming, it seems like every week there’s a new game  kids are pleading for, and yet a week later it’s in the corner and they’re on to begging for the next one. Thankfully, GameStop offers a trade-in program that lets you bring in the old games and get credit towards new titles or systems (especially important with the way the economy is going). In addition to keeping more money in your pocket, this will help ensure that your whole family has fun all summer long. And they closely monitor to make sure kids are buying games with inappropriate content.

My son-in-law, Andrae, graciously agreed to play secret shopper for me when he popped into a Game Stop store to purchase two games. He and my daughter live in Cypress, TX; so Andrae       logged on to GAMESTOP and found a nearby store. One of those easy online store finders where you just pop in your zipcode, select a distance you’re willing to drive, and there you go!

He said the store employees were helpful and more than willing to provide information when it came to helping him select games.  Andrae enjoyed the games so much, he was still playing them when my daughter arrived home from work.

If you can’t make it to a GameStop location, check out their extensive website. Their price points on new and used games are competitive, and their selection is amazing. Platforms include Wii, XBox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Game Cube, and others.

And, if you just can’t wait for your online order to arrive, some games can be downloaded. They offer a wide variety of games in their online shops including: Sports, Puzzle Collections (be sure to check out Brain Age!), Role Playing, Action, Simulation, and Music and Party.

Oh, there’s a “wish list,” so all of your gamers can keep lists for birthdays, holidays, or any days!


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