The Daughter-in-Law Rules (it’s a noun, not a verb!)

The Daughter-in-Law Rules

Note from Christa:

Why I couldn’t wait to review this book

Imagine your son comes home and announces, “I’m getting married!” And before you can finish the guest list already over limit in your brain, he continues. “By the way…she’s eight years older than I am.” Okay, you think, it’s not like she’s 25 and he’s 17. But, wait, he’s not finished. “Oh, and she has five children.”

Are you still vertical and breathing? Well, say hello to my mother-in-law. God bless her. If she had any reservations, she truly deserves an Emmy because she didn’t utter one negative syllable to me. We just celebrated our 17th anniversary, so we’re convinced it’s working out. . .

Now the mother of older sons, I have even more admiration for Carolyn (my MIL) because I’m not certain I could have been so accepting. So, I may be counting on her to help.

Another reason I wanted to read this book is I’ve learned how important being a DIL is when your MIL has only sons. Generally, their conversations with her consist of one word answers and a few multi-syllabic words and phrases. Sons are not apt to have yaddayaddayadda conversations with their mothers. I have three daughters, so I can have conversations to keep me busy for the rest of my life. But my MIL depends on her DIL for girl-talk.

And, finally, I thought this book would be a great shower gift!

This is the handbook everyone has been waiting for! Finally, a how-to that will insure success with even the most challenging of mothers-in-law. Follow this advice, and you will experience a lifetime of wedded bliss!”  Susan Page, author, Why Talking is Not Enough

Outskirts Press: The Daughter-in-Law Rules: 101 Surefire Ways to Manage (and Make FriendCover of The Daughter-In-Law Ruless with) Your Mother-in-Law! by award-winning musician, composer, and author Sally Shields.

Your mother-in-law is coming! As your husband announces that his mother is due to arrive in a couple of hours, your hands sweat and your heart begins to palpitate as you quickly try to neaten and straighten the house to perfection. Help! Can you possibly live up to her standards? Will anything you do be to her satisfaction? Why does the mother of your beloved always cause such fear and trepidation?

Sound familiar? Millions of women have strained or outright hostile relationships with their “MIL” (mother-in-law). But does it have to be that way? Absolutely not! Author Sally Shields comes to the rescue with a delightful and witty book on how to deal with the other woman in your husband’s life- his mom. “Although my own relationship with my mother-in-law got off to a rocky start,” says Sally, “by implementing the devices outlined in The Daughter-in-Law Rules, we now enjoy a special bond.”

Sally knew she needed to take matters into her own hands and change the dynamic with her MIL for the better, or risk her relationship with her husband. So she started jotting down every bothersome incident, misunderstanding, and irritating encounter and created a rule and a solution for each and every one of them. The Daughter-in-Law Rules covers everything from everyday household matters to unwanted advice on childrearing. It is chockfull of real-life situations and scenarios and how to deal with them all with grace and humor.

“The point of The Daughter-in-Law Rules is to help you stay one step ahead of your mother-in-law,” says Sally. With a little effort and patience, every new wife will be able to coexist peacefully with her mother-in-law!

In The Daughter-in-Law Rules you will learn:

  • The 10 Essential Things Every Newlywed Needs to Know in Order to Guarantee a Lifetime of Wedded Bliss! (or What to Do When the Honeymoon is Over-Literally!)
  • The Top Three Trickiest Topics : Advice, Interests and Gift Giving— and Just How to Handle Them!
  • The Most Common Mistakes That Daughter-in-Laws Make (and how to correct them!)
  • The 7 Top Tips for Daughter-in-Law Survival During Holiday Time!
  • The Magical Methods of How to Handle House and Home (and the Distinct Differences Between Your Place and Hers)
  • The Four Imperative Policies You Must Adopt when Dining with Your MIL!
  • The Two Simple Strategies That Will Abolish All Arguments with Your Husband in Regards to his mother— Forever!
  • The 5 Indispensable Insider Tips for What to Expect When You (And Your Mil) Are Expecting!
  • Tried and True Techniques for Having the Happiest MIL on the Block (During Baby’s First Year!)
  • The 7 Significant Tidbits To Study Prior to Visiting With your Toddler!
  • The Simple Four Step Process That Any Daughter-In-Law Can Immediately Employ To Eliminate 90% of All Future D.I.L.Z (Daughter-In-Law Zings!) And Create a Personalized Set of Rules Customized for Your Very Own MIL!

…and much, much more!

About the Author

Sally Shields

Sally is an award-winning pianist, composer, speaker, and author. She graduated with honors from the New England Conservatory and was a recipient of the Boston Jazz Society Award. Winner of the 17th annual Great American Jazz Piano Competition, her articles and transcriptions are featured regularly in Piano Today Magazine and her book, Modern Jazz Piano, is the standard theory manual for several music programs, including Princeton University. Her children’s song “It’s Christmastime, Once Again” was a finalist in the John Lennon Songwriting Contest and her music is currently featured on the ABC TV daytime drama All My Children.When not traveling and performing around the world— most recently with bestselling author and musician James McBride— Sally lives in New York City with her husband and their two children

15% of the proceeds of this book will go to the charity “Much Love” — a non-profit, no-kill organization dedicated to reducing overpopulation, abuse and neglect of domestic animals. Much Love is run entirely by like-minded professionals who volunteer their time and resources to help save the lives of these animals. Celebrity supporters include: Charlize Theron, Drew Barrymore, Janeanne Garofalo, Jesica Biel, Johnny Depp, Kevin Nealon, Tea Leoni and Tori Spelling. For more info, please visit:

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