Lost in translation? Andre Yee’s doing his part to make sure the Bible isn’t. Join him.

Mission Video Update: Gospel Translations
open source

Can you read this?

Главная цель организации Gospel Translations состоит в создании книг и статей о Благой Вести, доступных христианам по всему миру совершенно бесплатно. Эти книги и статьи дают нам христианские издатели, а переводят их команды добровольцев из различных уголков земного шара.

I can’t.

And I can’t imagine not having a Bible in a language I can read. In fact, I don’t even want to imagine that.

Andre Yee doesn’t either. [The following is provided by Marcus Goodyear of GoodWordEditing, and I’m almost certain he’s fine with my lifting much of this from his blog!]

Andre Yee (his blog:Every Square Inch) is like some kind of Social Media Prophet. I’m not joking here. He’s a wiki Moses. The church has has been captive for too long, and he’s leading us into the wilderness of the net. I’m not talking about a series of brochure ware nonsense. Or clumsy facebook groups. Or even webzines.

Andre knows where the wind is blowing–and he’s raised the sail.

Marshall McLuhen warned that the medium is the message. A lot of folks have used McLuhen’s cliche to warn us about how easily computers dehumanize us. Take that thinking to its logical end and we all become obese spacemen in floating chairs waiting for Wall-E to wake us up.

But Andre understands the gospel message is more powerful than any medium.

That’s Marcus’ (and now mine!) interpretation of his Open Source Mission at any rate. Their first major project is the gospel translations.

Open Source Mission

Andre says that nearly 60% of all evangelicals worldwide are in the areas of Africa, Latin America, and Asia. “But they suffer from a lack of biblically sound teaching material.” He goes on to explain that the current model of translation is expensive and limited in its reach. “Few books ever reach worldwide audiences, and some language groups never qualify for any translations at all.”

How can you help? So glad you asked.

If you’re like me, you can’t be one of the translators. But you can help promote Andre’s vision. The Wiki Moses needs us! We can help “proclaim the gospel to all peoples in all languages to the glory of God.”open source.2

More suggestions:

  • Put a badge on your sidebar. (you can find them here)
  • Write a post about Open Source Mission.
  • Use these images from flickr.
  • Send an email to your friends. Or email the video from YouTube.
  • Embed the video on your blog.
  • Favorite the video on YouTube.
  • Share the video on Facebook. Just click here.


2 thoughts on “Lost in translation? Andre Yee’s doing his part to make sure the Bible isn’t. Join him.

  1. Christa, thanks for posting on our work. I’m just one of a number of individuals who have given time and talents to make this dream a reality.

    Thanks for helping us spread the word about the Gospel Translations Project – we are trusting God to use multiply our small work for the good of many throughout the world.

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