Even writers and readers have to brush their teeth between books. Might as well make it green.

ToothbrushAlso known as “the toothbrush made from yogurt cups,” the Preserve Toothbrush was designed by dToothbrushentists and engineers to be an innovation in both oral care and eco-friendliness.

The dentist-recommended 45° curved handle and soft bristles guarantee a thorough and even cleaning of your teeth. Available in seven vivid colors, the handle is made from recycled plastic, including Stonyfield Farm® yogurt cups, meaning that fewer natural resources are used to get your teeth sparkling. Combine that with the Preserve’s stylish design and reusable travel case and you’re not only living green, you’re living happy.

When it is time to replace your toothbrush (dentists recommend switching it every three months) send the toothbrush and case back to Preserve using our postage-paid label to be re-processed into plastic lumber for picnic tables, boardwalks and decks.

• Handle is made from 100% recycled plastic, including Stonyfield Farm® yogurt cups
• Curved, easy to grip handle makes it easy to reach every part of your teeth and gums
• Soft, virgin nylon bristles placed in a tri-level configuration with softer outer rows to protect your gums and tooth enamel
• Available in Medium, Soft, and Ultrasoft



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Recycline makes Preserve® — a line of stylish, high performance, eco-friendly products for your home. As a company, we strive to combine socially and environmentally responsible business practices with groundbreaking design to create products that people feel good about having in their homes. We believe that choosing eco-friendly products doesn’t mean having to sacrifice quality, price, or performance. We believe they should make you feel good.

In 1996, founder and president Eric Hudson was committed to the need to use our earth’s resources more efficiently and responsibly. The developing plastic recycling market represented a great new opportunity to reuse our earth’s resources (plastics are made from oil and natural gas-making up roughly 9% of the world’s petroleum usage). However, at the time that Recycline was formed, there was a lot of concern that recyclables were not necessarily turning into new products.

Seeing an opportunity, Eric started Recycline to reuse Earth’s precious resources and turn them back into products that people wanted. He worked with dentists, scientists and engineers to create Recycline’s first high-quality product from recycled plastics – the Preserve Toothbrush.

Since then, Preserve has grown into a dynamic, green lifestyle company offering a range of products for almost every room in your home. Using innovative methods, we turn used materials into razors, colanders, cutting boards, tableware and more!

As we grow, our core principles remain the same:
•Preserve products are made from 100% recycled plastics and 100% post-consumer paper. By using recycled materials, we save energy, preserve natural resources and create an incentive for communities to recycle.
•All of our plastic products are recyclable, either through our postage-paid labels and mailers (toothbrushes and razor handles) or at the curb in communities that recycle #5 plastic.
•We make our products in the USA, so that we can ship them shorter distances, using less fuel and limiting our environmental footprint.
•We don’t test on animals. Period.
• Preserve products are made to last – and to look good doing it.

The Recycline team is made up of 14 people and a host of talented interns who bike, walk, train, and drive (some in bio-diesel fueled cars) to our office outside of Boston intent on bringing Preserve and our mission into more homes everyday.

Q&A with Eric Hudson, President/Founder of Recycline

Why did you start Recycline?
I started Recycline in 1996. I wanted to start my own business that developed creative ways to conserve and re-use the earth’s resources. There was a lot of recycling going on back in the early ‘90s and there weren’t a lot of companies putting those materials back into new products. I saw an opportunity in that 45% percent of people recycled, and I thought they would have an interest in products made from their efforts. The biggest opportunity was with #5 plastics. They weren’t being recycled well nor reused well. And there you have it. I also wanted to start a company that I would feel good about coming to every day.

What is Recycline’s mission?

Simply put, to deliver consumer products that offer great looking design, high performance and are better for the environment than alternative products. We do this by using recycled materials for our products and packaging. To reduce the waste created by consumer products, we work with suppliers and other companies to reduce, recover, and reuse. We also have a commitment to support the recycling industry through our business practices and through volunteer, professional and community efforts.

Were you always an environmentalist?
I’ve always loved the outdoors. As you get older, I think you learn to really respect nature. And when I was in my 30s, I felt I wanted to merge my professional life with the concern to reduce our impact on the earth. I mean, I grew up in the Berkshires and my family was a bit crunchy and have been known to literally hug trees, but it wasn’t until the early 90s that I decided I wanted to marry my professional career with my love of nature.

What was the first Preserve® product you came out with?
It was a toothbrush. I actually had an idea for a toothbrush since I was a teenager. My dentist always told me to brush in a certain way, with a 45 degree angle, but the brushes out there just weren’t made to do that. My Dad, who was an industrial designer of cars and boats, designed the first Preserve® toothbrush, with input from professional dentists.

How did you come to partner with Stonyfield Farm yogurt?
They found us at Boston’s Earth Day event on the Charles River. At the time, Stonyfield sent
their excess yogurt containers straight to a plastic lumber company and thought maybe they could do something cooler like make toothbrushes or other products from it. And there we were giving out our Preserve toothbrushes. Our plastics engineers over at UMass Lowell found it hard to use the containers at first but then got the formula right. It’s been a great relationship with Stonyfield Farm as we share similar ideals. They are widely known as a national leader in socially and environmentally progressive business practices and they incorporate environmental action in almost all their initiatives.

The Preserve products are not only made with recycled materials, but are also
recyclable. What happens to the Preserve products that are returned to Recycline?
They are made into plastic lumber, used to build things like bridges, porch decks, benches, picnic tables, and children’s playground equipment.


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