What baby? THAT BABY! DVD and CD

  “That Baby DVD and That Baby CD are unique baby gifts unlike anything you’ve ever seen or heard. We’ve taken great songs-songs that you may have sung at camp or put on a mix tape when you were a kid-and reworked them with fantastic new acoustic and vocal arrangements.

Enjoy kid-friendly covers of songs written by artists like Fleetwood Mac, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Natalie Merchant, The Beatles, The Pretenders, and more.

We’re a parent-run company that knows the value of great children’s products and your need to buy with confidence. Our products are manufactured in the US using recycled materials. We offer a “no questions asked” money-back guarantee and free replacement of scratched or damaged discs. (We have kids too. We know how it is.)

NOW PAY ATTENTION….Enter the coupon code “MotherTalk” when purchasing and save 20% on your entire order!  From now until May 18th, all orders using the coupon code “MotherTalk” will be entered in a drawing to win a new iPod nano. CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK TO THEIR SITE.


Several weeks ago, I journeyed to Texas to visit my amazing, adorable granddaughters, Emma, three, and her sister, Hannah, soon to be a year old.  I drove to my son’s house, loaded up the girls and provisions, and readied myself for the harrowing Houston drive. Since traffic in Houston moves about three inches a minute, I prayed I’d arrive at my daughter’s hosue, where we would be hanging out for the day, before dark. Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but not by much.

As I’m re-learning seat-belt/car-seat engineering, (I’m getting to the point, I promise), I hear my son mention the words Strawberry Shortcake and CD simultaneously.

Yep. You got it. Forty or so minutes of SS and her posse.  At the very least, I focused less on the traffic snarls and more on the squealing noises of the Strawberry gang.  But, hey, Gammy is NOT going to subject her precious granddaughters to the trauma of Strawberry Shortcake deprivation.

We all arrived at my daughter’s safely, and I vowed to hunt down a CD that didn’t make me want to take an insulin shot.  And, as if  an answer to prayer, along comes Mother Talk with this Blog Tour opportunity.

That Baby is one of those “I’m-so-happy-to-have-children-to-use-as-reasons-for-buying-something-I’d-want-to-own-anyway”  items. Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, Neil Diamond….I mean, this is a no-brainer….who WOULDN’T want a rockin’ Cd that entertains you and the bambinos?

The lagniappe (to quote my own grandmother) is the DVD. Just when you think your get up and go, got up and went, you find yourself wanting to wiggle to the songs.

I’ll probably need two sets of the CD and DVD. One set for the girls, and one set for me. When they visit, of course!































































































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