A Slightly Harder Word Game 

Three in One

Words are sometimes composed of other words. The word dustbin consists of dust plus bin, while together may appear to include three separate words: to, get and her. To reverse the process, which word can be made out of the letters in the three words moor, root, and tow? The answer (or at least, one answer) is tomorrow. In the puzzles below, try to find the eight-letter words which can be made from the letters of the sets of three words.

Example: Soon, sun, toil. 
Answer: Solution.

1. Riot, rite, tone.

2. Agent, gnat, stage.

3. Filth, hot, tool.

4. Gone, nuts, rote.

5. Lids, new, rind.

6. Rim, sty, tins.

7. Lies, stone, tonsil.

8. Quit, tone, unit.

9. Emit, lime, stern.

10. Ale, lake, link.



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