If you’re sexy, sassy, and 40+ (years), this Pond’s for you

You just have to love a company that not only loves older women, but designs a contest to let your inner Dynamo shine. All you have to do is grab your two fun and funky fabulous equally 40+ friends (no, you cannot add their ages to arrive at the magic number), and enter the contest. Click on “how it works” to get to the site with all the details. 

Dancing Queen

Come Audition in New York City on Monday, April 28!
Spotlight Live, 1604 Broadway (at 49th Street), Monday, April 28, 11am – 4pm.
To reserve a time slot call: 866-99-DYNAMO (39626).
Or, Enter Online! We’re looking for:
The trio of women who best embody the sassiness, sexiness and confidence of Donna & the Dynamos from the movie, MAMMA MIA! Pond’s believes all women have a Dynamo in them – share yours and you could win!  
  1. Invite two of your best 40-plus-and-fabulous girlfriends to form a trio with you. 
  2. Select and download one of the songs from MAMMA MIA! that are listed on this page.
  3. Make a video of your trio performing your selected song and submit the video to us, online by April 30th.
  4. If you prefer, you can attend the live audition in New York City on April 28th. To reserve a time slot, call 866-99-DYNAMO (39626).

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