Plane? What plane?

Continuing the airport saga…….hubby is navigating LSU sites on my laptop, and I’m finishing Eat, Pray, Love (which, BTW, is a must read), wondering if the plane will arrive before the end of the book.

End of book.

No plane.

I cruise to the counter (only because Ken refused to do so having asked twice already which, I suppose, is his limit) to ask the obviously bored young man  if and when our plan will arrive. bored young man glances at me over his bored young shoulder, “To Houston? That one’s on the last boarding call two gates down.”

The Gate 16 board still read HOUSTON.  It lied.

Fortunately, Ken and I are still healthy enough to sprint without the aid of an oxygen tank.We were the last two of three on the plane. 

More on the trip after I catch my breath.  


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