To the unsuspecting Kansas public, Sally Bradley is a wife and mom who chauffeurs kids to school, food to her husband, and laundry to the washing machine. But from the comfort of her recliner, she writes fiction and runs Affordable Novel Critique Service, feeding her appetite for words.  

Q: What made you decide to work with words? 

A: One of my earliest memories is of being curled up next to my mom as she read through the Little House on the Prairie series. As she read, I could see Laura’s world as clearly as if I were there, and I think from that point on, stories had me hooked. I went to college planning to minor in something writing-related, but it took a semester for me to realize that the English language and story were my strengths and where God wanted me to be. I graduated with a degree in English and since then have studied to grow my skills as a writer and an editor.  

Q: You’ve worked for two Christian publishers. How has that experience helped you as a freelance editor? 

A: It’s helped in ways I never imagined at the time.My first job was with a major Christian publisher we’d all love to be published with. I was in the sales department and wrote the sales material that the entire staff used to sell each season’s products. I received information on the books from the editorial department and turned that into a sales sheet that included a back cover-like blurb, an author bio, and marketing information.

Sometimes the information I received from editorial was minimal, and then it was a challenge to rewrite that in a way that would appeal to book buyers. My second job was with a small Christian press where I had my hand in almost every aspect of the business.

Again, I wrote sales and marketing materials, proofread fiction, and edited fiction. I also saw the proposals that came in the slush pile. That gave me a great understanding of what worked and didn’t work when trying to nab a publisher.  

Both of the jobs, plus my years of studying fiction, qualify me to work with writers to hone their work, whether it be a proposal or a first chapter. And honestly, other than editing my own fiction, nothing gets me more excited than taking an existing work and seeing it evolve into an amazing story.

Q: What makes your editing service unique to others?

A: Affordable Novel Critique Service is what I longed for when I was a young writer with a husband going through seminary. I wanted to work with an editor to learn exactly where my writing was weak, but the money for it just wasn’t there. So my goal has been to combine great editing help with a teaching style and make that affordable for everyone.  

My services range from assistance with a synopsis or proposal to a detailed substantive edit to an affordable mentoring critique for the newer writer. And of course I’m always willing to tailor an existing service to fit a client’s specific needs.



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