He hearts me

painting heart

Happy V Day
I came home from a meeting after school today to find a Valentine’s Day card from the cats. They must have traveled quite a distance because they’d also been to Target to buy me a pound of Tiramisi coffee and a pound of Mocha coffee. 
That I am so excited to be gifted with coffee is either pathetic or admirable. Romantic, I think, is relative.  [No, not A relative.]  Ken knows while I rarely splurge on flavored coffee, I have a tendency to stockpile the regular brand.  Red bag bricks of Community Coffee Dark Roast have their own shelf in the freezer. We do not run out of coffee at the Allan house. It would be a prelude to Armageddon. 

So, he thought to buy a card and the coffee on his way home from work, after returning some cable-thingy at Best Buy, and that while he was in Target (the cynic in me thinks Best Buy did not have V Day cards), he even remembered we were out of the standby breakfast staple of instant oatmeal.Now THAT’s romantic!


2 thoughts on “He hearts me

  1. Funny. I tend to stockpile instant oatmeal (regular, unsweetened) and Scott bathroom tissue. THey almost ruined Scott when they came out with the extra soft. We had a couple of bad weeks there until I located the regular Scott. Odd how we tend to have our preferences, huh. Happy Valentine’s DAy. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m not back completely… I just pop in now and then.

    So… when do we see your new website/blogsite? Bluebird on it?

  2. I’m so glad you decided to pop in! I’ve missed our writerly and otherwise chats. Will keep you posted on the blog/web thing. Come back!!!!

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