What’s a plasma television worth?

Okay, you already know I’m fascinated by headlines. Note the absence of a space between head and lines; I’m not talking forehead wrinkles here.

Today, yet another screamer from MSN that 47% of British men would give up sex for six months in exhange for a 50-inch plasma television. Using the same question, only 33% of British women would do the same. Even my math-impaired brain figures that leaves 14% of the men, about 280 of the 2,000 surveyed, who have no idea what kind of trouble they could be in.

Now, if the women’s survey had extended the six months to a year, chances are they percentages might have been higher. In fact, some of them would have probably offered to buy the television themselves.

I have no idea what figures would result if this same question would be asked of American men and women. Perhaps, though, this might be an unexplored contraceptive choice. But the article did not say if those questioned were married or single.

The most disturbing information in this article? Only 25% of the people would give up chocolate or smoking.


One thought on “What’s a plasma television worth?

  1. I bet if they asked that same question to people in my neck of the Rockies, the percentage would be MUCH smaller. Most of the people I know don’t even have TV…or if they do, they have a 1984 RCA that uses rabbit ears (and aluminum foil) to receive ONE, maybe two (depending on where the snow drifts have formed) very, VERY fuzzy channels…to catch the weather. LOL

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