Never underestimate the power of punctuation


2 thoughts on “Never underestimate the power of punctuation

  1. I graduated with an English degree three years ago from LeTourneau University – and loved it. Since then, I’ve been working building communications towers. Now, I still feel the poetry, still love the verve of magnetic writing, but I never get to use the stuff…

    Until the other day, when a coworker pulled out his hardhat on the jobsite, and I noticed a fatal flaw upon its pearly white surface. He sharpied: “Johns hat” onto the brow. Disgusted and feeling very brave, I strode over to him, industrial sharpie in hand and… Plop. There! Finally he had ownership of the hat. No longer would a thousand other Johns be confused with it.

    I walked tall for the rest of the afternoon in brilliant victory against the gods of bad grammar.


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