Just couldn’t resist this one

[NOTE: THIS IS NOT THE “HAPPY NEWS” STORY YOU’VE BEEN WAITING TO READ!]I check in with msn.com and nola.com in the mornings, mostly to scan headlines and bookmark pages to read when I’m creatively procrastinating grading and/or writing.

 Yesterday, I saw two headlines under the “Health” category on msn.com, and I resisted the urge to mention them here.Then, this morning, there they were again. Daring me to make public my warped logic. 

Okay, I succumb to the temptation.  One headline announced that the quality and count of male sperm declined as daily cell phone use increased. The other headline referenced increased teen pregnancy. How is this? I’ve seen how much time teens spend on the cell phone.


2 thoughts on “Just couldn’t resist this one

  1. Funny fact but sad…

    SOOOO glad you came back to my blog. I LOVE making contact with people from “home”.

    Sugar and Spice was closed due to major health issues with the owners. Hopefully it will be up and running next season.

    Okay, I have…or at least had…some friends who taught at FHS. Kevin “Smoke” Darouse and Andy Theil (both from my Athletic Training days at SLU), Tammy Stiebing and Susan Artell (who both taught at CHS), and Stacey Alexius (former student). TOOOO cool. If you know them, tell them I said hello!!!

  2. Oh, I know Rachelle from the blog world. We have very similar interests and connected that way. I actually met her before at a writer’s conference in Colorado but that was it.

    Did you go to the ACFW conference in Dallas last year? (2007)

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