Happy news soon to come…

animated238.gifI’m doing a whirlwind cleaning of the house. We’ve had it on the market since after Katrina, and at least, hmm, ten people have looked.

Naturally, when I still have Christmas leftovers on the dining room table (no, not the meal…all that stuff that needs to go back into the Christmas closet which is already bloated), fifty pounds of papers to grade, protective layers of dust on every piece of furniture (if Ken, Sarah, and I stood still long enough, we’d be dusty too), and my desk looks like Barnes&Noble threw up on it…someone wants to see the house. 

Do you realize how very few places exist to hide clutter when people tour?If you know of more than the following, ‘fess up and quickly:
1. under the beds
2. in the washing machine
3. in the dryer
4. the attic

So, tomorrow I have a SPECTACULAR story to tell you, but I must go make order out of chaos.  


3 thoughts on “Happy news soon to come…

  1. I had company coming over and I had SO much stuff piled on the piano bench I thought when I put something under it, THAT would be hidden. But part of the company that came sat in such an angle, they actually ASKED me about what I had stuffed under there!! I was horrified, but had to humble myself and admit I actually thought I had it hidden from view.

    When I was in my first year of married-dom, I was having a Women’s meeting at my house. I was behind on my dishes so I put the dirty ones all in the closet. Thought they were hidden and no one would know. Until whatever was brought for a snack for them all needed the VERY little bowls that was hidden. I had to go into the closet, pull out the dirty bowls and some of the ladies helped me wash them so we could serve the group. Embarrassing!!

    Well, this isn’t about moving but maybe I need to move so I can get myself more organized.


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