Bacteria partying on in your dips…

Clemson University just completed a study to be published in six months in the Journal of Food Safety. Their undergrad microbiologists examined the effects of………..are you ready………double dipping.                                                                                              Volunteers were given wheat crackers and several dips. Three to six double dips yielded a count of 10,000 bacteria from the eater’s mouth to the sample. A researcher at CU concluded (according to that double dipping is “just plain gross.”No kidding? They needed a team of microbiologists to figure that out?  I majored in English, not math, so someone with number brain might have to figure out the gazillions of bacteria transferred over a period of, let’s say conservatively ten years, by my five children.Honestly, I’m not so sure this study is valid. Well, at least not for families with tots who forego the chip in favor of their fingers.What I did find interesting and what I wish I could have known when my darlings were in their teen years was a quote from Professor Paul Dawson who said that double dipping was like kissing everyone at the party. I could have saved us all so much grief if I could have told them double dipping chips was as good as kissing lips…


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