Guest Blogger — Camy Tang



I love the TMI section on your blog, Christa. Of course the one thing I zeroed in on is the FOOD. LOL (I’d love to eat one of your cheesecakes and that crab thingy one of these days!) 

Asian people are all about food. Well, most Asian people. I honestly don’t know many Asian people who aren’t all about food, but then again, it might just be the Asians I happen to know. 

All those family get-togethers in Sushi for One have the kinds of dishes that would show up on my family’s sideboard. I grew up in Hawaii, where the food is plentiful and very bad for you, but oh so yummy. 

I grew up on Japanese food, Korean food, Chinese food, Filipino food, you name it—Hawaii is an ethnic melting pot, cuisine-wise. Great for someone like me, who loves to eat! (Not so great for my hereditary high cholesterol.) 

Speaking of high cholesterol, my husband and I are going back to Hawaii for a visit in late October, and the first thing I’m going to eat is Filipino roast pork. Oh my gosh that stuff is so good! Crispy salty skin and tender meat. I eat as much as I can before my stomach starts protesting the greasiness of it. 

I was very fortunate to marry my husband, and partly because his brother’s wife is the best cook! When we visit his family in Arizona, she cooks up some great Chinese food, including this fabulous Chinese-style sponge cake with something like twelve eggs in it that’s just to die for. 

Sushi for One opens in a Red Egg and Ginger party—a Chinese baby shower—and the menu is all stuff I’ve enjoyed at Red Egg and Ginger parties given by my friends for their kids. The kids throwing food part is a slight exaggeration, but all those Chinese dishes taste good when they’re not being hurled through the air. 

I could go on about food forever! So Christa … if I just happen to show up on your doorstep one day, would I get a bite of cheesecake?


4 thoughts on “Guest Blogger — Camy Tang

  1. MMMM!!!!!! Cheesecake -Where???? Let me at it!
    LOL Real honest-to-goodness Cheesecake is my absolute favorite and if you add strawberries and/or chocolate to it you’ve really got me.

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