Out of commission . . .

Hi everyone!  My name is Erin and I am Christa’s daughter.  I am writing on her behalf today because she is out of computer/internet commission.  She is currently in the process of moving and is unable to access her blog from the only place she has internet . . . at school!  She wanted everyone to know that she will have lots and lots to talk about upon her return!  Thanks for visiting!!!


One thought on “Out of commission . . .

  1. hey mrs. allan! i see that u are MIA right now, but i sent a couple of emails to the address that u replied to me from a while back. neway, i was just wondrin if u got them or if ur back in commission. im guessin ur not, but i guess ill know when u are. the reason im buggin u is cuz i would like to invite u to my wedding and i would need ur mailing address! talk to u soon.

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