ONE LITTLE SECRET…one cool book


Christian chick lit in Hollywood?

Yep. Allison Bottke’s One Little Secret is all of it, wrapped in wit and faith.

If you’ve only seen the book, you have to buy it just to experience the cover! Clever, clever, clever.

I wondered, honestly, could someone like small-town, school teacher, grandmother (who barely looks like one) me find anything relatable in the high-powered, glitzy facade of L.A. that’s the setting for this book?

And, again, yes. I fell in love with Ursula Rhoades at the dinner party she gives for her husband. Any woman who can be outwardly dazzling and charming for the benefit of her husband’s business associates while mentally plotting ways to gently humiliate the snooty women at the table has my vote. I also found Ursula refreshing because she’s a woman who truly loves and adores her husband, even when he has the capacity to make her crazy.

When Nik Prevel-spoiled, too attractive for his own good, and wanting more than he can have-first came along, I did not expect that he and Ursula would find themselves crossing paths. But what keeps One Little Secret moving is the trail of unsuspecting plot twists.

If you need to fall asleep early, this is not the book to open the night before. Be prepared to be entertained, to laugh, and to learn.

As an almost mid-50s woman, I delighted reading about someone who not only dares to dream, but to act. More importantly, though, to read about a woman who lives in the world, and believes in God’s grace, goodness, and forgiveness.

Check out Allison’s Casting Call Contest. She can also be found at Boomer Babes Rock Blog. To purchase ONE LITTLE SECRET, click here!


2 thoughts on “ONE LITTLE SECRET…one cool book

  1. Thanks, Christa! I’m so glad you enjoyed One Little Secret, I sure had a blast writing it. I never knew “work” could be so much fun! I thank God daily that I get to experience the dreams of my heart…and that my husband knows all about it…no secrets here. 🙂 I’m excited that I get to write three more “Boomer-Lit” novels…the next one will be available in summer 2009. I’ll check back soon to visit with your readers…any questions, folks? I’m all ears….until then…happy reading…and writing! – Allison Bottke

  2. Hi Christa,

    I totally agree with your review! Especially about don’t start reading it if you have to get up early or go to bed early. This story is one that you’ll want to read all the way through!

    I really enjoyed the details that Allison Bottke gives to the characters and settings. I’m don’t life in the realm of the “lifestyles of the rich and famous” but it sure was fun visiting it via the characters in this book.

    As you said, there are several unexpected twists in the plot making it a real page turner!

    Thanks for the review. I also enjoyed the Hollywood Casting Call Contest. What a great idea! I do pray that Allison’s dream comes true for her too!

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