Microwave post

Apologies for the inconsistent postings. That inconsistency has been the most consistent aspect of my recent life.

School starts for me Wednesday; the students will arrive on Friday. I just found out my teaching schedule yesterday; this morning it changed. I trust my assistant principal, so I’m not even rattled by the shifts.

We are moving back to the home we lived in pre-Katrina. I’m returning to the school that was my “home” for twelve years. It’s all very deja-vu-ish. Minus the hurricane force winds.

My youngest “child” will be twenty-two years old in a few days…My father used to say that John, the youngest of five, should have been born with Velcro attached to his back because we moved him in and out of the car seat so often.

I purchased Bob Greene’s The Best Life Diet. When I discover the best life, I will start to diet. In the meantime, I’m wondering if hitting myself over the head with the book will be the negative reinforcement I need to avoid the ice cream aisle in the grocery.

Please stop by tomorrow to read my interview with writer Virgina Smith. She’s a hoot. I’ve decided the world needs more hoots.


3 thoughts on “Microwave post

  1. Ginny is hilarious. I’ll be back tomorrow to see what she had to say. 🙂

    Hey, have you seen the ice cream in single servings? Can’t remember the name of it — maybe it’s that Bunny stuff… but it’s good. And if you buy a single serving there’s no going back for seconds or filling your bowl to over-flowing the way I usually do. 🙂 Ice cream is my very favorite dessert.

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