I am woman, here I roar

“She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs without fear of the future. When she speaks, her words are wise, and she gives instructions with kindness.” Proverbs 31:25-26
It’s okay to be a girl.

For reasons I’m too emotionally exhausted and too politically un-astute to discuss, many of us memorized the lyrics to the song about us being roaring women, burned our bras, and decided we’d go toe-to-toe with the guys (abandoning pedicures and OPI nail polish in the process). I even remember tennis once-great Bobby Riggs mouthing off prior to Billy Jean King smashing his royal maleness in three straight sets in 1973.

Now, as a mother of three daughters and grandmother of Emma and Hannah, I so want them to enjoy being women. And I want my two sons to appreciate women who enjoy being women.

Victoria’s Secret is definitely helping out in this battle. I mean who wants to burn those bras? Not at those prices…

Seriously, though, I do not want my daughters or granddaughters to ever feel less than because they are women. I believe that any of them can achieve any political or corporate aspiration they desire. But I also believe, with equal fervor, that aspiring to being a successful single woman, wife, and/or mother is as noble an accomplishment.

Problem is, it’s just not that simple. Navigating daughters from birth to adulthood can be a task of Titanic proportions…we mean well, but we find ourselves brought down by the very things meant to protect us–society, academics, ourselves.

What recently has given me some hope is that so many blogger moms are sharing their anxieties, frustrations, disappointments, and joys. Mom Central just launched a new site, and along with Mattel and Barbie, are focusing on the issues facing raising girls today at www.WeBelieveinGirls.com.

Here’s part of what the site is meant to explore:

As girls today grow up too fast and often skip past the simple joys of girlhood,” We Believe in Girls aims to give parents a voice about the state of girls today. Parents can participate in polls as well as weigh in on
discussion forums about societal pressures their daughters face everyday. The poll results will then help shape the content of a global, 10-country research study this summer. Everyone is invited to participate, from moms and dads to teachers, academics, social commentators, behaviorists ā€” anyone who cares about girls‘ well being. They want to hear your ideas, opinions, points of view ā€” in short the unfiltered truth.

Visit the site soon. Visit often. Either way, you’ll make a difference.


2 thoughts on “I am woman, here I roar

  1. I don’t know. With many of the incompetent women tainting the fields of politics and activism (I have my list of worst enemies), those fields seem like they would be alittle difficult to get into now.

    I would hate to be compared to Hillary Clinton, but I’m also sick of hearing about Ann Coulter.

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