Spiritual vision check


I’ve been rereading John Ortberg’s book, God is Closer Than You Think. Depending on your relationship with God, that could be either cause for celebration or fright (not the fact that I’m reading…I mean the book title).

If you’ve never read any of his books, you’re truly missing incredible opportunities for laughter and learning. Ortberg’s titles sucked me in before I ever knew anything about him. Who can pass up books with these titles:

Everybody’s Normal Till You Get To Know Them

If You Want to Walk on Water, You’ve Got to Get Out of the Boat

Well, obviously, not me. (He has quite a few more, plus a new one due in September: When the Game is Over, It All Goes Back in the Box.)

For the record, Ortberg is teaching pastor at Menlo Park Presbyterian Church in Menlo Park, CA.

I like that he acknowledges Peets Coffee and his wife as inspirations.

I thought I’d share some Ortberg wisdom today since I seem to be fresh out of any of my own. These are from GICTYT:

“…we forget that Jesus never said, ‘I have come so that you might do okay.’ ”

“Thomas Merton once said that if you find God with great ease, perhaps it is not God that you have found.”

“Letting go is not passivity. To let go is not the same thing as simply resigning oneself to whatever circumstances come along.”

“The greatest moment of your life is now. ”

“Spending the day with God does not usually involve doing different things from what we already do. Mostly it involves learning to do what we already do in a new way–with God.”

“It’s possible that what we see as an inconvenient interruption is a divine appointment….What would Jesus’ ministry have looked like if he had never allowed himself to be interrupted? Many of his greatest miracles and most unforgettable encounters were Spirit-prompted interruptions.”

“God’s silence does not mean His absence.”

“…nowhere in the Bible does it say, ‘And then God worried.’ “


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