ACFW Conference…Part 1

Months ago, I decided if I was going to be serious about this writing thing, then I needed to attend a writing conference. Brilliant, huh?

Well, I have to say, attending wasn’t my brilliant idea alone. I was prodded by a few writer friends and the posts on the ACFW list. (ACFW=American Christian Fiction Writers)

I’m such a fullblown nerd that I stayed awake until almost two in the morning the day registration opened. I wanted to make sure that I had the agent/editor appointments I wanted. Plus, I knew that I had to make a decision about all those offerings and stop obsessing about which ones to attend.

So my room’s booked,  and I have two roomies. That’s a plus!

Then, two weeks ago, we made the decision (job issues) to move. So, how am I getting TO the conference? Hmmm. Not sure yet. Waling will be entirely out of the question. At least I’ve eliminated it as an option. I’m thinking it will be a combination of flying and driving. Get there, I will (she says all Yoda-like).

(more to come…)


One thought on “ACFW Conference…Part 1

  1. Get there, I will– LOL

    I feel the same way. We are HOPING for a move before the conference so I have refrained from buying my plane ticket. Ugh! I hate waiting like this!

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