ACFW Conference Part 2

What I’m excited about:

1. Matching faces and names 

2.  Hanging out with my homies

3. Not having to cook for four days



6. Meeting my critiquers!

and, certainly, this is so important it doesn’t need a number:  Prayfully listening for God’s direction 

What I’m just a teeny, tiny bit nervous about:

1. Actually meeting the agent and editor I’ve been waiting to meet!

2. Clothes? or the lack thereof (I’m going to be wearing clothes, of course; I’m just not sure if I have THE clothes I need)

3.  Opening my mouth before my brain is functioning

4. Encountering intestinal problems during a meal 


3 thoughts on “ACFW Conference Part 2

  1. Here, let me try to allievate your concerns:

    1-Remember that above all, agents and editors are PEOPLE. They get nervous over some meetings, too. They like to laugh, be moved, and enjoy being around writers. Once you meet one, you’ll wonder what you were so worried about. The vast majority are simply delightful people and I haven’t had one at ACFW that I didn’t like, as a person, not just as an agent or editor.

    2. Dress in what you feel most comfortable in. I’ve seen the full range. If wearing dresses make you confident and not fidgeting with your outfit, I say go for it. If slacks provide you with comfort, wear them. I wouldn’t advise jogging pants or holey jeans, but other than that, I think you’re fine. We aim for the awards banquet to be formal, but again, comfort counts. 🙂

    3. Okay, can’t help you on that one because I have that same problem. Wonder if its catching? LOL Seriously, Pray each morning before you leave your room for God to give you the words He wants you to say. Even if you do misspeak, it’ll most likely work out great anyway.

    4. I take snacks along to munch on in the event the meal is too rich for my stomach. Eat and chew slowly helps. Me, anyway. With my ulcer and reflux, I carry Tums in my purse. Find me if you need any! 🙂

    It’s a wonderful experience and when you leave, you’ll wonder why you ever worried about anything. Can’t wait to see you there!

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