Meet The Grooviest of the Groovy…Author Dena Dyer


1. I’m so impressed that a woman who’s just moving into a new home can find time to be interviewed! Congrats on the remodeling (been there, done that, never want to again). How does one continue to write during this upheaval? Well, I haven’t–except for journaling. I know I’ll use it later!

2. Let’s see…you’re a writer, speaker, performer, wife, mommy…how’s that working for you?! Seriously, how do you juggle these roles?
I don’t do them all at once. 🙂 I only speak about once a month, and when I’m performing, I don’t write as much. There’s no way to do it all–unless I received an energy transplant or gave us sleep. So I don’t even try. 🙂

3. If we’d go to the Rockbox, what would we see you perform?
We do oldies, country, rock n’ roll from the “golden age” of that genre, comedy, and gospel/patriotic numbers. It’s a great mix…and it’s always G-rated! We’re all committed Christians and see the theater as a marketplace ministry opportunity.

4. Define “ragamuffin mom” and how is being one related to Grace Notes Ministries?
I write about the struggles I have as a mom, and women really relate to my honesty and vulnerability. I feel like being real is important in order to connect with other moms who don’t have it all together.

5. You have a plethora of CDs for writers and mommies and writer mommies. How/when did you feel led to speak? What came first, speaking or writing (um…not in your baby book items…)?  I realized when I started trying to get a book published that publishers were interested in writers who could promote their books, and I had done some speaking in college and as a young person and really enjoyed it! So I went to the CLASS (Christian Leaders, Authors and Speakers Services) training that Marita and Florence Littauer offer, and they taught me how to approach groups to get bookings, how to make a one-sheet, etc. I began to speak locally, and then people heard of me more as I got my books published. I really enjoy sharing my heart through speaking, though writing is my first love.

6. When did you decide you were a Groovy Chick?! Your books, Groovy Chicks’ Roadtrip to Love and then Groovy Chicks’ Roadtrip to Peace are like Woodstock meets Sermon on the Mount. How did Pepper and Starshine evolve? The character of Starshine was one that I did at our previous theater, Granbury Live. It resonated with audiences, and I loved doing it. My former boss knew I was trying to break into the Christian book market, and said, “Why don’t you do a Groovy Chicks’ Guide to Life?” and it was an “A-HA!” moment. I love combining humor, hope and inspiration…and that character, and the books I co-wrote with my very talented actress/writer friend Laurie Barker Copeland (“Pepper”) allow us to do just that.

7. You also wrote Grace for the Road: Meditations for Busy Moms. Seems like an oxymoron–how does a busy mom find time to meditate? It’s hard…so you have to be creative, or super-disciplined, or both. I’m more creative than disciplined, so I fit my quiet times in during snatches of time like when I’m waiting in the carpool line, or when the boys are both playing quietly (that rarely happens!) or after they’re asleep.

8. What is the most challenging aspect of writing? How do you overcome it?
Dealing with rejection. It never gets easier–and I have to remember that I’m called to write, and that God gave me my gift. I need to be faithful to use it, even if my books and articles aren’t always accepted the first few times I submit them.

9. What do you know now that you wish you’d known then in terms of your journey to publication?
That it’s harder–but more rewarding–than you could ever imagine. The letters I get from readers who say “Thank you for showing me that I’m not alone, and I’m not crazy” are gifts from God, showing me that I’m right where I need to be. 

10. If I didn’t write, I would_go crazy!__________________.

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One thought on “Meet The Grooviest of the Groovy…Author Dena Dyer

  1. Good interview. Dena, you make me want to sit down and rest. 🙂 And reading about all you do, I can see that . . .evidently I don’t manage my time very well.

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