One of those obnoxious grandmother posts…

I visited Michael and Lesley and my granddaughters yesterday.

Of course, I continue to be smitten with Emma Renee. At the age of two, she is quite the talker (hmm…suppose that’s hereditary?). I really want to record her because just the sound of her voice delights me. When she looks at me through those sea blue eyes and says, “I wuv you, Gammy,” I dissolve into a puddle of gratitude to God for His blessing me with the gift of her.



Hannah Grace, the age of eight days when I cuddled her in my arms, looks very much like her sister. Yet, already, her personality is evident. Emma, only days old, was so bright-eyed we weren’t sure if she had functioning eyelids. Hannah, however, tends to be much more discriminating in surveying her new world. In her first photos, her face seems to reflect a “what is this world I’m in now?” expression. Now, she opens her eyes, decides she’s satisfied with what she sees, and promptly falls back asleep. I envy her contentedness and know that God is already using her to teach me about my own life.




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