Facebook…my kids wish I’d left home without it

I found a new way to torture my children.

Until Lisa Samson sent me an invitation to join Facebook, I didn’t know that random adult-ish people were allowed to join.  So, in the interest of providing a place to advertise my writer-self…you know…online presence and all that, I joined Facebook.

Wow.  My kids think I’m stalking them (I’m not; I actually have my OWN friends who like me, thank you very much) and/or want to send me to Facebook school so I don’t utterly embarrass them in my attempts to post (I’ll admit I have needed several walk throughs on how to post photos and other applications that kept popping up).

The funniest and most endearing  message on my wall (yes, you write on people’s “walls” which I think  in real life is a very unadult thing to do; hence, the reason it’s done on FB) is from my youngest son, still a student at LSU.

Here it is………….

“Let’s get this straight. Here are the rules for you joining Facebook:

1.) Don’t write on my wall
2.) Don’t stalk my profile
3.) Don’t ask my friends to be your friends, I don’t care if you used to teach them. Don’t do it.
4.) Don’t write on my wall
5.) Don’t join weird religious cult groups, or any weird groups.
6.) Don’t put embarassing pictures of me up in your profile or tell embarassing stories in your profile
7.) Don’t write on my wall

Other than that you should be fine. Welcome to facebook.”

Payback is hell!


2 thoughts on “Facebook…my kids wish I’d left home without it

  1. How funny, Christa, do you think he wants you to write on his wall. lol Chaney would croak if I got on facebook because she knows, KNOWS, that I would stalk her… 🙂

  2. This is so funny! I am proud of you for being on facebook, not many women/moms even know what it is.
    Also, I noticed that you commented on my health blog. Can I tell you how ironic that is? Just last night I was doing the random blog thing through CWO and it took me to your blog. I browsed through it a bit and even saw this post here and read it to my husband. And then I checked my comments, and you had commented. Did you find mine through a random, too? Bizarre!

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