Leaving on a not-so-much-of-a-jet plane


Today is my official beginning of teacher-nerd nirvana. I’m off to Daytona, Florida with hundreds of equally dain-bramaged high school and college teachers to score Advanced Placement essays.

For the past two years, I’ve averaged about 1,000 essays. Some read more, some less. The essay part of the exam consists of three essays; we’re assigned the same essay for the entire time. My roommate, Tracey, is a dear teacher-friend who I know from “my other school” (that’s for my Barbe kids…), and I can’t wait to catch up, laugh, and sun.

Oh, yes, the MOST dreadful part is that we have to suffer through the Daytona Hilton in Daytona Beach.  [insert laugh here] Some readers actually complain about there being nothing to do there…DUH…that’s why I love it. A book, the beach…what’s the problem?

I know you are all salivating to hear the day-by-day news. Don’t fear.  I’ll be checking in.

In the meantime, those of you who know me. Please check in on my hubby.  He doesn’t do well when I’m not home. No one to procrastinate and cause chaos. It’s dull going for the guy. Plus, for the third consecutive year, I’ll not be there for our anniversary.  (This is year 16! ) Don’t send him emails; he’s  computer-disabled.  Food and phone calls will be fine.


3 thoughts on “Leaving on a not-so-much-of-a-jet plane

  1. I took an AP English eam way back in HS which saved me from taking first year English in college. Though knowing how much I don’t know about grammar, I wonder if I would have benefited from that college class now!

    Well, at least I have YOU to set me straight and I’ve learned sooo much over the years as I’ve been writing.

    Have a great time in Florida!!

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