And the beat goes on

The Music of Our Lives by  Madison Richardsmadison2.jpg

“Scientists have discovered some fascinating things in recent years. Did you know that our DNA, if decoded and played through a keyboard, has an actual melody? That means that each and every one of the 6 billion + people on this planet really does “dance to their own music.”

Are you ready for this? They found that the “song” of a healthy mouse’s cellular DNA translated on the keyboard to a fairly lively, upbeat melody. However, the “song” of the DNA taken from a mouse that had cancer had complete sections of it that have been matched to Chopin’s “Funeral March.”

Freak-ier still: Chopin wrote that song while he was dying of what they used to call ‘consumption.” Now we call it cancer.”

Read the rest of Madison’s post here, at The Master’s Artist.


3 thoughts on “And the beat goes on

  1. Very interesting, Christa. But more interesting is my six weeks grade. 😛

    If possible, please email it to me at

    I really wish I could make this comment more interest, but alas, I have little interest in mice with cancer, though it sounds interesting.

    PS: Have you had a breast cancer cookie from booksamillion? They’re very good and breastcanceralicious (I’m very big on cancer/AIDS research, so I like to buy whatever I can to support it.)

  2. Oh wow….so my dreams of being a composer, can they truly be fulfilled? I wonder what our “songs” would be…Mrs Allan, yours would have a little bit of every style, much like your family. It wouldn’t last very long though 😛

    Seriously though, similar to questions you’ve asked, who wakes up and says, “I wonder what DNA sounds like?”

  3. Consider that if DNA has music then it must be constantly playing in our on heads since our heads are merely expressive responses of DNA codes. So its not so astounding that Chopin caught and reiterated that music. Whats truly astounding is that we don’t recognize ourselves as doing this all the time and we live our lives deaf to the music all around…

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