First contestant for American Idiot show

If you haven’t  heard by now the owners of Custom Cleaners in Washington,  Jin Nam Chung and Ki Chung, are being sued by Judge Roy Pearson .

He claims they lost a pair of his pants. A week later the pants were found, so the couple refused to pay the $1,000 he was asking for the price of his suit. That’s when he decided to sue. The Chungs were willing to settle out of court, offering $3,000 then $4,000 then $12,000.

No go. He wants 65 big ones. Millions. He wants $65 million.

Read the story. It’s a case of hyperbolic OCD of proportions so gigantic I’m sure God is feeling the tremors.

The current population of the United States is 301,756,833. I say we all send the judge a penny.  He’ll have to have special-ordered pants to accommodate his pompous donkey’s posterior, but with all those pennies, he’ll need some whopping pockets anyway.

3 thoughts on “First contestant for American Idiot show

  1. How can we let this guy continue as a judge? He is clearly deranged. There is no way he can be a fair and reasonable judge. He should be impeached, disbarred then tarred and feathered.

  2. This sounds like a job for O’Reilly! LOL

    Okay, Christa, you’d better be careful or that judge will come after you. Pompous donkey’s posterior? Love it! You are clearly a COLUMNIST with an opinion. In your face, girl!

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