Convicted by our words

When I was yet a babe in bloggerland, I found a button on someone’s site that tracked the number of abortions per day and the number of deaths in Iraq per day. Not exactly politically correct.

I decided to delete it since I wasn’t yet sure of the “direction” of my blog. Would it be a blog for me to blather on about family, school, and life in general? Would it be a blog about my writing, my journey to the abodes of agents and paradise of publication? Would it be a blog about some or all of these, plus my struggles to be the woman God intended be to be?

My categories (see far right) now reflect what some, perhaps, would say is a marketing platform not yet nailed tightly to a foundation. I write about all of these, and recently added interviewing authors and reviewing books.

Growing up in the New Orleans area, I suppose I just feel comfy in a gumbo. All those varied ingredients find a way to blend to create something distinct, something with soul. And if you don’t like the okra, you just pick it out and leave on the plate (real etiquette hounds we are in the South).

And now to the point———-I’ve discovered that I don’t have to be politically correct.

Today, the United States Supreme Court upheld states’ rights to ban partial birth abortions. I am truly glad.

If you have chosen to not know exactly what is involved in a partial birth abortion, then you might just want to cruise to another blog now.

The procedure (links to diagram) is performed from 20 weeks through six months or later. First, the baby’s leg is grabbed using forceps. The baby’s leg is pulled out into the birth canal. Then, the baby’s entire body is delivered, except for the head. Scissors are then jammed into the baby’s head and used to create a hole. A suction tube is inserted. The brains are sucked out, causing the skull to collapse, then the dead baby is removed.

So, that’s “partial” birth. We’ve become adept at euphemisms and political correctness to diminish and divert attention from the painful reality of situations. Tidies up all the mess. Hitler didn’t kill; it was “special treatment.” The elderly are senior citizens. The poor are economically marginalized. My car isn’t used; it’s previously owned. I’m not short; I’m vertically challenged.

The universe is disenfranchised. We’ve stopped calling things what they really are because our threshold for dealing with pain is sometimes limited only by the number of prescriptions physicians write.

I just would like for us to pause and not only see things are they are, but be brave enough to label them what they are. Has anyone even tried to figure out how one is partially born? Can you be partially dead? If it’s “partial” birth, then that’s not “total” is it?

Just for the record, I included this from the MSN article about this ban:

Still legal are procedures in which the fetus is removed in pieces from the womb. The Supreme Court ruling also noted that use of chemicals to kill the fetus before its removal would be legal.

“If intact D&X is truly necessary in some circumstances, a prior injection to kill the fetus allows a doctor to perform the procedure, given that the Act’s prohibition only applies to the delivery of ‘a living fetus,”’ the ruling said.”

There’s just nothing else for me to say.


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